War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0912 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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weather. On another occasion when some men were in the yard there came up a storm and I notified Mr. Ward and they were taken in. On another occasion four Yankees were put out, and it snowed. They were taken in.

Question. Do you think me a cruel man?

Answer. No, sir; I do not.

Question. Are not the doors of the cells often left open?

Answer. Yes; I have opened them myself often.

Question (by Mr. WARD). What is your opinion of the character of the men there?

Answer. Yes; there are some of the worst men in the world and I don't believe there is an hour that they are not concocting some plan to escape. I don't think they could he managed with less strictness.

Question. Do you know of a cell a man cannot stand up in?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. You never knew of any secret punishment?

Answer. No, sir; the prisoners are generally brought out where all can see them.

Question. What month was it the men were put into the yard?

Answer. It was pleasant weather. I was out all that night without my overcoat. They staid there two days and the third day they were taken up.

Question. Do you know of any whipping?

Answer. I have heard of whipping; never saw it. The whipping was by order of court-martial and was laid on by the corporal of police of the Castle.

Question. Do you know any punishment not of an ordinary character?

Answer. I recollect one circumstance. It was two men tied up to a post. Don't know whether by the thumbs or the wrists. Was told it was for robbing some prisoners upstairs. Don't know how long they remained in that position.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Do you remember me telling you once to abstain from shooting some whose intended escape we had discovered?

Answer. Yes.

Question (by the COMMITTEE). What are your instructions in regard to prisoners putting their heads out of the windows?

Answer. We warn them and if they persist the sentinels fire over the. I remember when on Franklin street some of the prisoners threw the sashes out of the windows and tried to hit some of my men. They also there bricks from the front windows. They climbed to the chimney and took bricks and threw them down.

Question. How many men have been shot by your guard?

Answer. None by guard. I only know of two shot there at all, the crazy Yankee and the man Carroll. We could have shot a hundred men there if the sentinels had been so disposed.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Then you think if the prisoners behave themselves they will be well treated?

Answer. Yes, I do; I know it.

GEORGE W. WAYMACK, a prisoner, sworn.


Question. Do you think a man put in the Castle if he behave well would he not be treated well?

Answer. I do.

Question. Did you ever see any act of cruelty there?

Answer. I never, did, sir.