War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0911 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Question. Have I not always expressed solicitude for the sick?

Answer. Yes; you supplied many of them with clothing obtained from the battle-fields around Richmond. Men are brought there very badly off for clothing.

Question. Do you know Mr. Riggs?

Answer. Yes, sir; I know him.

Question. Did you ever see him drunk?

Answer. Yes; very drunk and abusive to you in your office. You said you would discharge him but for his wife and children.

Question. Do you recollect the time Riggs went into the citizens' room?

Answer. I have known Riggs to be in there with the prisoners, disloyal persons, Unionists, &c., up to midnight, associating with them, drinking whisky. My room adjoins the citizens' room and I can hear everything said.

Question. Do you think Captain Alexander a cruel man?

Answer. No, sir.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). How did I treat my soldiers I took down to the army?

Answer. better than most of them in the army.

Question. Was the Yankee who was shot running in the direction that he could escape?

Answer. The steps he was running up lead to a porch from whence he could have escaped. (The witness related the circumstances of the escape of the prisoner from the Libby Prison and his reception at the Castle for safe-keeping. I did not know he was crazy and was not told so. He called me to him before he died and asked my forgiveness for anything against him. (Witness related the killing of Charles Carroll, alias Byzer, over the portico while attempting to escape.) I believe Campbell was the cause of his death as he got Carroll to draw the fire of the guard so he could get out unharmed.

Question. How long have you been at the prison?

Answer. Since its establishment.

Question. How many men have you seen shipped there without court-martial?

Answer. Only eight. They were whipped for beating an old man sixty years of age from which he liked to have died, and for stealing. There is no order to take the money or valuables of prisoners. If they want to give them up we take them and give them receipts. This was until recently.

Question. What is the condition of the yard?

Answer. It is a hard dirt floor or clay.


Question. It appears from the evidence that one man was tied up by the thumbs.

Answer. Yes; the only man I ever saw and by your order I lowered him down. His offense was stealing money and beating a negro.

Question. Did I not punish a man for punishing a servant without my order?

Answer. Yes; your orders are to that effect.

Lieutenant BOSSIEUX sworn.


Question. Do you remember the putting of some men in the yard?

Answer. In one instance a number were in the yard for attempting to blow up the building with powder. The first night others attempted to cut out. I staid there with the guard and caught fifteen when they came out. It was very pleasant