War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0910 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. How many lashes did they receive?

Answer. I don't think they received six lashes apiece. Some of them were Yankee deserters and I have no doubt some of them were Confederate soldiers.

Question. Were all these men concerned in the beating of the old man who died?

Answer. The prisoners pointed them out an they were their accusers.

Question. What authority had General Winder or anybody else to ship a soldier on is bare back?

Answer. I don't know, sir.

Question. Do you know anything about prisoners being put out in the back yard?

Answer. Yes; they were put out there. They had fire ad some of them had blankets. It was cold weather and the wood must have been furnished them or they could not have got it. There were about sixty men in the yard. Captain Alexander ordered me to pick out any that were sick and I picked out a number. The second night I picked out a number more who were sick.

Question. Were all these men guilty of attempting to blow up the building?

Answer. I don't know, sir.

Question. Is it reasonable to suppose these men would blow up the building and themselves with it?

Answer. There are men without one redeeming trait in their character; would be guilty of any crime from murder down.

TUESDAY, April 28, 1863.

The testimony for the defense was continued.



Question. Do you know the characters of McAlister, Shehan and Adams?

Answer. I was informed some months ago that they had made a rope to escape; went to McAlister's cell and asked him for it. He said he had none, and I made a search. McAlister resisted with a spade or shovel. The other had a razor and the other had a ball and chain. I defended myself and drew a pistol. I found the rope in McAlister's bag. These are the characters of men we have to deal with. I would not believe McAlister on oath. One-third of the blankets distributed there I believe are cut up to make ropes wherewith to escape. Men are brought there sometimes with plenty of clothing and blankets and if we were not careful they would all be stolen for the above purpose.

Question. What do you think of Caphart?

Answer. I think him one of the best officers I ever saw. If you give him an order he will carry it out. I have roomed with him and consider him a kind-hearted man. I never say shim strike a man unless he had cause.

Question. On the night the prisoners were put into the yard were not those who looked sick taken back?

Answer. Yes; by your order and I helped to select them.

Question. Do you remember people on the street being in danger from missiles thrown the windows?

Answer. Yes; and the mayor sent down word that it must be stopped.

Question. Did you not report the conduct of prisoners to the commanding general?

Answer. Yes; and he sent an order to have the guilty whipped.