War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0909 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Lieutenant PETER CALLAHAN sworn.


Question. What is my conduct toward the prisoners?

Answer. Your conduct toward the prisoners have been as kind as it well could be under the circumstances.

Question. What is my conduct toward visitors?

Answer. I always thought your conduct gentlemanly.

Question. One of the witnesses swore that he saw fifteen men bucked and gagged in the prison; did you ever see such punishment?

Answer. I never did, and never heard of a man being gagged there. I do not regard bucking as adding anything to the disgrace of a man who lays himself liable to be put in Castle Thunder.

Question. How do you know that these men were guilty of any crime? Innocent men are sometimes put there. Were those men that were bucked found guilty of any crime?

Answer. I do not know that they were. I have seen soldiers in the Army more severely punished than at Castle Thunder. Have heard of men standing on a barrel all day with the word "thief" written on their backs by order of their officers. Men are often bucked in the Army and tied up by the thumbs.

Question. What is the condition of Castle Thunder?

Answer. I believe it is very good.

Question. You inspect the prison every morning?

Answer. Almost every morning.

Question. Then it would be impossible for a man to lie in his filth behind the door without you knowing it?

Answer. It certainly would be difficult.



Question. How long have you been at the Castle?

Answer. Ever since it was established.

Question. How long have you known me?

Answer. Ever since you escaped from Fort McHenry.

Question. What is the condition of the prison?

Answer. As clean as such a place can be kept.

Question. What is the position of your room?

Answer. Where I can hear any conversation in the prisoners' room.

Question. What language have you heard Kirby use?

Answer. I have heard him curse General Winder and yourself and other officials.

Question. Did I ever do anything with him?

Answer. No; although it was reported to you.

Question. Is there a cell in the Castle that a man cannot stand up erect in?

Answer. No; there is not.

Question. What about the whipping?

Answer. I have seen eight men whipped without order or the court-martial and by order of General Winder.