War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0903 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Question. Do you know prisoners who like Captain Alexander?

Answer. Yes; some speak in favor of him.

Question. Do you think if Riggs had commanded there you would hear of any fighting or throwing of bones?

Answer. I don't believe they would; we would get along well. I never heard of prisoners who had made their arrangements to escape and would not because it was Riggs' night on.

Question (by Mr. WARD). When you were tied up by the thumbs did you not ask me to let you down?

Answer. Yes; you let me go.

Question. Wasn't the rope around your wrists and thumbs and over the anvil and not around your thumbs?

Answer. I don't recollect now.

Question. What about your attempt to bribe the guard?

Answer. The money was sent to me for that purpose. I had not been accused of stealing.

FRIDAY, April 24, 1863.

The testimony for the defense was commenced. Mr. Farrar, M. D., made a statement of facts that fell under his notice while visiting the Castle in the capacity of one of the medical committee appointed to inspect the sanitary condition of the prisons and hospitals. The impression made upon his mind was that every care was taken of the prisoners that it was possible to take. This feature and the well ordered condition of everything about the prison was remarked by all the committee.

Captain JACKSON WARNER, assistant quartermaster and assistant commissary, sworn.

Question. How long have you known Captain Alexander?

Answer. Since June, 1861 - never before.

Question. Did you ever see him intoxicated?

Answer. I never saw him drunk but I suppose he drinks sometimes. I always found him attentive to his duties. I see him twice a week or oftener. I never saw or heard of him being drunk.

Question. What do you think of his treatment of prisoners?

Answer. I know nothing of his associations with the prison. I never heard him curse in my life. Think he is a member of church.

Question. Did you ever see him treat a prisoner roughly?

Answer. Never in my life.

Question. What are your ideas of the management of the prison?

Answer. I always thought the prison was managed well, and I have had opportunities to see and know. I have no prison experience myself.

Question. How long have you known Captain Alexander?

Answer. Since June, 1861; and since that time intimately so.

Question. Do you know any instances where Captain Alexander showed kindnesses to prisoners?

Answer. Yes, I do. In the case of Mr. L'Hommedieu, my clerk. He was put into the Castle for drunkenness. He had a sick wife at home and I went to Captain Alexander and stating the case asked him to let him go home and I would be responsible for his return. He did so and the next morning he reported. He was again arrested when sent to his regiment and again released on his parole by Captain Alexander upon a statement of facts I represented to him.