War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0901 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Question. What are you?

Answer. I was a captain in the East India Royal Navy. I came through from Washington in November last. The Yankees had taken my papers and I was taken and locked up in Castle Thunder by order of the Secretary of War. I experienced there excellent treatment by Captain Alexander. I had a good room and opportunity to see the treatment of other prisoners. Never heard of harsh treatment; never experienced any myself. Any person who conforms to the rules will never be harshly treated. I have visited and commanded military prisons in Europe, in Naples, Sardinia, in 1860 and 1861; have visited and seen the hulks in India and China, and have seen nothing so lenient as at Castle Thunder in America. In regard to the rations I consider them fine. I got my meals sent frequently from the hotels, and dined there often, and always got more than I wanted. Nothing was refused to come in to any of the prisoners. Many small favors the prisoners were the recipients of. Men being sent off to their regiments were allowed to go into town under guard to get clothing. I have seen prisoners leave the prison who would take an affectionate and cordial leave of the captain and express regrets to him at parting.

Question. Do you know of any soldiers put in as comfortable quarters as you occupied?

Answer. Yes; the citizens; room was very comfortable indeed, and I have seen men put there.

Question. Then it depends on general appearance and conduct how treated?

Answer. Yes; it depends upon behavior in a great measure.

Question. Did the Secretary of War order your release?

Answer. No; my arrest was by order of the Secretary of War, and my release was effected through the courts.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Do you think me a cruel man?

Answer. No, not exactly; but you make men toe the mark.

Question. Did you ever see Riggs drunk?

Answer. Yes; he came in my room once very drunk.

Question (by Captain ALEX been offered a position in the Confederate Army?

Answer. Yes; major of artillery.

Question (by the COMMITTEE). Then you consider the punishments at Castle Thunder humane in the highest degree?

Answer. Yes, I do; considering.

Question. Would you take it as a mild punishment to be stripped naked and whipped upon the bare back without the order of a court-martial?

Answer. Well, in the service I belonged to whipping was an ordinary punishment. It was not considered a great indignity in the English service to be whipped with a can o' nine tails.

Question. Is that all you know?

Answer. That's all I know.

WEDNESDAY, April 22, 1863.


I am from this city and have been in Castle Thunder seven months for leaving my regiment without leave and going home.