War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0900 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. Have you seen any tied up by the thumbs?

Answer. No; but I have sen them bucked. It is not severe, but is esteemed humiliating. I have seen men tied up to a post' I can't swear that I saw them tied by the thumbs; but the punishment can either be made light or severe. I know one who was tied up for attempting to bribe my guard. The guard told me of it and I reported the case to Captain Alexander. Captain Alexander ordered him to be handcuffed and tied to a post. He sent for me and I examined his ropes. I loosened them and he was afterwards set at liberty. There were two connected in the bribing and they were Confederate soldiers.

Question. Do you know Riggs?

Answer. Yes; I do.

Question. Do prisoners like him?

Answer. Yes; they do as one of the wardens.

Question. Do you know Caphart?

Answer. I don't think him inhuman if prisoners don't resist him hard; I don't consider him kind by any means. On one occasion Caphart while having two prisoners-Dennis and O'Connor-in charge one of the prisoners knocked a guard down and Caphart ordered the guard to fire, which they did not do.

Question. Do you know of any men shot there?

Answer. One of my guard shot a man who was attempting to escape. The order are not to shoot a man of whom there was a possibility of capturing.

Question. Were these orders from the captain?

Answer. Yes; but I don't know that the orders were peremptory to shoot every one.

Question. Were these order from the captain?

Answer. Yes; but I don't know that the orders peremptory to shoot every one.

Question. I there any necessity of shooting deranged men?

Answer. I did not see the shooting; never heard of that; I didn't speak of that.

Question. Did you ever hear of orders to the guard by the military commandant of prisoners to kill them were they to put their heads out of the windows?

Answer. Persistent effort in that way wold insure their firing upon because it was against the rules.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). The night that Riggs and Dillard had the fight Riggs says I was drunk; was he not drunk or under the influence of liquor?

Answer. I heard he was, sir.

Question. Do you think I am a cruel man?

Answer. No, sir; I do not think so.

Question. I have sometimes hard cases to deal with?

Answer. You have some of the hardest cases in the Confederacy. I have heard of no persons being privately punished; all openly, and exhibitions for the public.

Question. Has the captain no disposition to be cruel?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. Nor Caphart?

Answer. Good officer, sir.

Question. Ever see Allen drunk?

Answer. I have seen him in liquor.

Question. How many times have you seen Riggs drunk?

Answer. He was very drunk once from the way he acted.

Question. Did he get mania a potu?

Answer. I don't know.