War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0897 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC-CONFEDERATE.

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Question. Do you know of any men being killed there?

Answer. Yes; several men were shot.

Question. Do prisoners who are confined in the sweat room suffer much?

Answer. There is air but no light and the fare is bread and water. I did not suffer for water. The corporal of the guard brought me water and I had a bucket for slops. I could go out once a day myself.

Question. When arrested were you taken before the provost-marshal or to the Castle?

Answer. I was taken to the Castle.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). I had you brother Thomas there once, O'Connor; what was my treatment of him?

Answer. Well, captain, you treated me rather rough.

Question. Are not all the prisoners glad do see me when I come among them?

Answer. Yes; because they wanted you to transact some business for them. Sometimes I wanted to get little things in, such as clothing, &c., and I could not get them; and persons wishing to see me have ben denied I suppose by your order.



Question. What is your position at the Castle, Mr. Riggs?

Answer. I was warden.

Question. What is the deportment of Captain Alexander toward the prisoners confined there?

Answer. I have seen many instances of curtly by order of Captain Alexander. I regard the treatment of the prisoners by Captain Alexander and his officers as cruel and inhuman.

Question. Have you see men whipped there.

Answer. Yes, on several occasions; some I knew were not by the order of a court-martial. They were charged with stealing from other prisoners upstairs. Other were whipped for beating, breaking out of cells and interfering with the guard, &c.

Question. What number of lashes did they received?

Answer. I have known as many as twelve to be laid on.

Question. Did you see any bucking done there?

Answer. Yes, and prisoners put into the back yard and kept there two or three days and nights in succession. It was in cold whether. Some were well provided with clothing. There was no sheltering except the wall and no extra covering. They were fed on bread and water during that time.

Question. Do you know of any men dying there after being taken out?

Answer. I know of none, though several were sick.

Question. The sweat house-do you know of men being confined there?

Answer. Generally men caught in attempting to escape were put in there on bread and water.

Question. What is bucking? Describe it.

Answer. It is a severe and degrading punishment. It is done by passing a splint across the elbows and tying them beneath the things after the manner of a calf going to market.