War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0893 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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Question. Are you as a prisoners allowed to see persons from without the prison?

Answer. Once Honorable Mr. Boteler called to see me and I was refused an interview with him. I have sent for persons who have been refused to see me. I have been allowed to communicate with counsel several times under seal and this privilege was also stopped. I once gave a letter to Mr. Riggs to carry to the captain to read. He said it must go to General Winder and I gave it to Mr. Ward. On sunday morning following, some four or five days after, Mr. Ward said he had given the letter to Captain Alexander.

Question. What became of the letter?

Answer. I don't know, sir.

Captain ALEXANDER. Mr. Chairman, shall I send to General Winder's and get it? The letter is on file there.

Mr. WARD. There is an order from General Winder that all communications from the prison shall go through his office. Accordingly all letters from the prisoners are put in a box and taken up to General Winder daily.

Question (by the COMMITTEE). What did you come here for, Mr. Kirby?

Answer. I had special business to the Confederate Government.

Question. Was that business made know on your arrival here?

Answer. It was.

Question. Are the authorities aware of your arrest?

Answer. They are.



Question. You are a prisoner at the Castle and a Confederate soldier?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. What is the treatment of the prisoners generally at the Castle.

Answer. In a majority of cases I think they are treated kindly. Men are whipped there. I have seen them whipped without the sentence of he court-martial. Captain Alexander I saw present at the whipping.

Question. How many lashes were laid on?

Answer. From six to eight lashes I should judge. They were laid on hard. The offense in one case was rioting and fighting in the prison room.

Question. Have you seen any bucking there?

Answer. Yes, and men whipped who were Confederate soldiers. The bucking was for rioting in the prison. I have know men to remain bucked as long as four hours.

Question. Have you seen prisoners tied up by the thumbs?

Answer. Yes; I think so. He was a Confederate soldier belonging to Rodgers' cavalry. His offense was thieving I believe.

Question. What about the prisoners put out into the yards?

Answer. It was in November and they were kept there several days. A few had bed covering. Some were in bad health when pu out there and looked miserable enough. Some were sick immediately after their exposure and I remember of one dying in the hospital.

Question. Have you seen any men shot there?

Answer. Yes; one was Carroll who attempted to escape.