War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0892 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. How many days were they kept there?

Answer. Four or five I understood.

Question. Were any men shot at the prison?

Answer. Yes; I have heard of men being shot and shot at for putting their heads out of the window. I myself was threatened with shooting. I know Captain Alexander gave an order to the guard to shoot me while I was looking out of an open window once. I drew down the window without moving my head and defied them. I remonstrated with Captain Alexander and told him my heard was not outside of the window, and neither was it.

Question. Are there any female prisoners?

Answer. Yes; two I believe.

Question. Do you know anything of their treatment?

Answer. NO; only what has been told me.

Question. (by Mr. WARD). Mr. Kirby, where are you from?

Answer. From Niagara, Canada, sir, and have been confined eight months in the citizens' room.

Question. What were you sent from that room for?

Answer. A difficulty I had with the captain I suppose. We were ordered to scrub and prepared the room for the visit of the inspection committee and the guard would allow but two of us to go to the pump for water at one time. I remonstrated with Captain Alexander, when he called me "a damned son of a bitch" and I called him "a damned coward. " I was put in the cell but that night order back to the citizens' room. I apologized for my conduct.

Question. Then you were put out of the citizens' room last Friday?

Answer. Yes; my difficulty with Captain Alexander caused it.

Question. You have a good room a good bed?

Answer. Yes. The captain hasn't taken them away yet but I am not indebted to him for my bed.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). You say I didn't carry out the sentence of Leary who was condemned to wear ball and chain?

Answer. No; you did not.

Question. Did not you yourself petition the President for his reprieve? And did not you sit down in my office and write a letter to the President for Leary concerning his case? And did I not allow you to receive your meals from the hotels and faro banks and gave you many privileges not enjoyed by the other prisoners?

Answer. Yes, captain, you did all that.

Question. You say Mr. Allen's treatment of the prisoners is inhuman?

Answer. He is generally intoxicated and it is the merest exception in the word that I ever got a kind answer out of him.

Question (by the COMMITTEE). What is your opinion of Caphart?

Answer. He is generally intoxicated and it is merest exception in the world that I ever got a kind answer out of him.

Question (by the COMMITTEE). What is your opinion of Caphart?

Answer. I consider him in all respects a vile, low, inhuman person.

Question. Do you find prisoners like kind and humane officers?

Answer. I have heard prisoners say they could have escaped at times when it was Mr. Riggs' night on, but they would not do it for fear of compromising his character.

All the officers are down on him. I have known the captain to treat him kindly and at other times snub him.

Question. Do you know Mr. Bland?

Answer. Yes; his deportment is generally kind.

Question. Do you know about the case of George Wright?

Answer. Yes; but I never saw him until I saw him in the hospital.