War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0889 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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Question. Are not all picket up and put together in these rooms appropriated to the prisoners?

Answer. But we try to separate the quiet from the quarrelsome prisoners.

Question. Have you seen prisoners there with one suit on constantly?

Answer. A charge of clothing is beneficial to the health and comfort of the prisoners but few of them had it.

Question. Is it a rare or common case for the prisoners to be whipped?

Answer. Rather rare; but has had a beneficial effect whenever it has been done.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). They say you let George Wright lay for two weeks in the prison room sick without attending to his want?

Answer. I think there must be some mistake about that. I go around every morning and call the breakfast roll, and when I find a man down by sickness I take his name and report him to the surgeon.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). I handle a great many prisoners do I not, but whipping is comparatively rare?

Answer. Yes, it is; for so many.

Question (by Mr. WARD). Are not the prisoners in the Castle constantly changing?

Answer. Yes; those there to-day are sent off to-morrow.

Doctor LUNDAY sworn.


Question. State to the committee what you know of the condition and treatment of prisoners at Castle Thunder.

Answer. I know nothing particular about the military conduct of the prison. I have been there to get prisoners out and have received notes from the prisoners. I have been through the prisoners and hospital and the condition of the hospital and prison apartments were much better than I expected to find. Bellow there is a good conduit for carrying off the fifth but the building is not well ventilated, but that is the fault of the building. The hospital is clean comparison, and the surgeon from what I saw pays all the necessary attention. While there I saw an inclosure, the back yard, containing a large number of prisoners. They were in most woeful state as regards clothing and comfort ad I remarked that it looked like pandemonium. The prisoners were growling and cursing and I heard the clanking of the chains. One of them accosted me as I passed along and asked me to get him out. I saw Captain Alexander and asked him to let fellow out. Captain Alexander remarked: "To keep order here I have had to kill ten men. "

(Captain Alexander here explained that he had used the expression "killed ten men" in a jocose manner in response to Doctor Lunday's remarks.)

WEDNESDAY, April 15, 1863.

The examination of witness for the Government was resumed.

J. K. KIRBY sworn:

I am at present an inmate of Castle Thunder where I have been held a prisoners as a spy for some months past. I am an Englishman, a resident of Niagara, Canada, where I have a wife and children. I came thought the lines on business with the Government which will be explained as I proceed. God knows I wish to go back there.