War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0887 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC-CONFEDERATE.

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Question. Who gave the order to shoot the prisoners?

Answer (by Captain ALEXANDER). I gave the order to the sentinels bases on the orders of General Winder. I was not at the prison when the shooting occured, but it is a general standing order to shoot at prisoners cursing or abusing the sentinels from the windows.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Mr. Childrey, do you consider me a cruel man?

Answer. I do not; but I consider you a positive man-one who wants discipline and orders carried out.

Question. How many poor women am I now feeding from the mild obtained at the Castle?

Answer. Yes; I know you or supplying a good many.

Question. Did I not start a hospital and place my wife in it to attend to the sick and wounded?

Answer. Yes; I know that, captain.

Question. And did the Government ever pay me one cent for my money expected?

Answer. Not that I am aware of.



Question. What is you position at Castle Thunder?

Answer. I am warden.

Question. What is the treatment of the prisoners?

Answer. That is rather a comprehensive question. In answering it I must take into consideration the character of some of the prisoners. The commanding has found it necessary to enforce very rigid rules. If they had been less rigid he would have been unable to keep one of them there.

Question. Does Captain Alexander and the other officers speak kindly or roughly to the prisoners?

Answer. I don't know of any officer being unkind to well-behaved prisoners.

Question. Have you seen whipping there without order of a court-martial?

Answer. I have seen whipping indicted but whether with or without the order of a court-martial I cannot say.

Question. do you know that General Winder gave the order or not?

Answer. I heard so; but I am not positive by whose authority it was done.

Question. Did you ever see any whipping?

Answer. Yes; I have seen fifty lashes laid on by order of the court-martial.

Question. Have you seen persons receive six, eight and ten lashes?

Answer. Yes; frequently.

Question. Were the men you saw whipped Confederate prisoners and soldiers of the Confederate soldiers?

Answer. I can't say; but I can get the names to-morrow.

Question. Do you know anything about the killing of some prisoners?

Answer. Yes; last fall a Yankee deserters who was deranged attempted to run the guard and was killed. Another was killed recently in attempting to escape. His name was Charles Carrol and he was a Confederate soldier.