War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0886 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. Seen any other kind of punishment indicted?

Answer. I have seen prisoners "bucked. " They were of the more desperate character.

Question. Do you know of any prisoners being killed there?

Answer. I know of one man dying from the effects of a beating at the hands of some of the prisoners of the prisoners and I know of another who was shot by the guard in attempting to escape.

Question. Do you think it was absolutely necessary to shoot this man to have recaptured him?

Answer. I suppose it was.

Question. Was the man outside of the building when fired upon and killed?

Answer. No sir; he was on the balcony of the second story on Cary street about jumping down. The sentinel was on the pavement below him.

Question. Do you know anything about a crazy man who was shot in attempting to escape?

Answer. Yes; I heard of the circumstance.

Question. Do you know anything about the case of George Wright, a prisoner, and his condition when sent to the hospital?

Answer. Yes; his condition was very bad. I furnished him with clothing but he would tear the clothes off his person.

Question. In what condition was he when removed to the hospital?

Answer. He was traveling about the prison like the other prisoners but in a demented state of mind. I gave him his food. No filth is allowed to collect in the prison. It is will venture to say one of the cleanest prisons in the State. Captain Alexander is as particular in this respect as any man I ever saw. His usual disposition when not provoked is kind and urbane.

Question (by Mr. WARD). You are the commissary of the prison are you not?

Answer. I am.

Question. From your knowledge what is the character of the prisoners, or some of them?

Answer. I consider them desperate indeed.

Question. Did you ever make threats toward you?

Answer. Yes; the whipping had an excellent effect on them. They are getting worse now again since the law passed by Congress abolishing whipping in the Army. Something will have to be done to stop their insubordination.

Question. You know about the clothing collected by Captain Alexander for the use of prisoners?

Answer. Yes; I distributed the clothing to the prisoners. I am at liberty to sell them anything in the way of food, luxuries or necessaries; anything they want if they have money to buy. I consider their rations better in quantify and quality than the soldiers in the field.

Question (by the CHAIRMAN OF THE COMMITTEE). Do you know anything about the whipping at the prison?

Answer. I never saw any whipping although it was done.

Question. Do you know anything about the shooting of prisoners?

Answer. Yes, sir.