War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0885 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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Question. You turn the prisoners all in together; the desperadoes with the inoffensive soldiers?

Answer. There are four of five large rooms for their accommodation and we discriminate as much as possible in our classification of them.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Mr. Thomas, have I anything in the world to do with the clothing of prisoners?

Answer. I think not unless it was a voluntary act.

Question (by Mr. WARD). Have you been in the Army; are not the prisoners in Castle Thunder clothed and fed as well as the soldiers now in the Army?

Answer. I should say fully as well.

Question. Has not Captain Alexander exerted himself to clothe the more destitute of them?

Answer. Yes; I know of many instances of it.

Question (by the CHAIRMAN OF THE COMMITTEE). Do you know Mr. Bland?

Answer. I don't know much about him.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Is Bland a drinking man?

Answer. I don't know anything about him

Question (by Mr. WARD). If prisoners were put in Caphart's charge do you think he would beat them if they would go along quietly and peaceably?

Answer. I don't think he would.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Don't you think there are as hard cases here as anywhere else?

Answer. Yes, indeed; it would be hard to match.



Question. What is you position at prison?

Answer. I am the commissary of the prison.

Question. What is the general treatment of the prisoners confined there?

Answer. Good, very good; good as persons in the same situation could be treated.

Question. Did you ever see any whipping there without the authority of a court-martial?

Answer. I never saw any of the prisoners whipped.

Question. What is that general deportment of the officers toward the prisoners; is it kind?

Answer. As kind as could be expected. Of course harsh measures have to be used something.

Question. What is the necessary or excuse for rough language?

Answer. Because they have some very rough character to deal with. If they were treated differently they would run over them and take the prison.

Question. You have never any whipping, then?

Answer. No.