War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0883 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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Question. Have you known men to be killed there?

Answer. Yes; several were killed there.

Question. Do you know the circumstances?

Answer. General Winder's orders after the discovery of the plot to escape to fire upon ay prisoners thrusting his head from the windows in defiance of the guard or attempting to escape.

Question. Do you think the men shot and shot at could not have been recaptured without shooting?

Answer. I know of one instance myself in the case of Campbell, a deserter, who escaped and he led me a hard race. I fired at him twice and he would have escaped but for the guard coming up in his front.

Question. Do you know of any cases of whipping at the prison?

Answer. Yes; several cases. One case that of an old man, Captain Alexander interested himself very much in because of his age and though his influence with General Winder got the sentence of the court-martial remitted.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Thomas, do you think I am a cruel man?

Answer. No sir; I do not.

TUESDAY, April 14, 1863.

GEORGE W. THOMAS was recalled.


Question. Do you know anything of Caphart?

Answer. I am associated with him as a detective.

Question. Is he kind and humane?

Answer. I have seen him threat prisoners with unnecessary harshness and cruelty I thought.

Question. Do you think his rough deportment natural with him?

Answer. He has a rough way and is fond of talking.

Question. Does he seem to regret the punishment of any prisoner?

Answer. Caphart has filled the office of jailer to prisons for a great number of years and in the habit of dealing with bad fellows; he has perhaps grown callous and unfeeling.

Question. Have you ever heard him regret or exult over the punishment of any prisoner?

Answer. I couldn't say he was a kind man especially to bad prisoners. Never saw exult over the punishment of any man, even the hardest villains, with which he had to do. He viewed it in the light of a moran corrective. Toward these he was rather rough. I have heard him course them, but at such times he had provocation. The prisoners often brickbatted the sentinels; they never threw bones at me; they threw bones at Caphart because they hated him generally. He is not popular with the prisoners.

Question. If Caphart had been kind to them do you think they would throw beef bones at him?

Answer. I can't say as to that. I have seen them throw missiles at the sentinels.

Question. How are the prisoners clad generally?

Answer. I have seen some badly clothed, but not more indifferently than at other prisons. Some of the prisoners steal from each other. To relieve their destitution after the battle around Richmond Captain Alexander sent out men to gather up the clothing and blankets from the battle-fields to clothe the prisoners who were destitute.