War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0880 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. Have not you, Crow, exulted over the seizure of liquor from poor women at the depots when you caught them smuggling it into the city?

Answer. Yes, sir; that was my business, sir.

Question (by the CHAIRMAN). Did you see the whipping of a man for knocking the eye out of another man?

Answer. Yes; I was ordered up along with other officers to witness it.

Question. Was it a powerful man who laid the blows on?

Answer. Yes, sir; about the strongest man they could get. They gave him I don't know how many lashes.

Question. Was the thong made of heavy leather?

Answer. Yes, sir; a heavy, thick strap.

Question. Was the man whipped tried by the court-martial or was he lashed by Captain Alexander's order alone?

Answer. I think it was by Captain Alexander's order.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Mr. Crow, do you like Caphart?

Answer. I do not, sir.

Question. Haven't you had a quarrel with him?

Answer. I have, sir.

T. G. BLAND was recalled to the stand.


Question. Do you know Caphart?

Answer. Only since I have been at the prison.

Question. What is his general conduct toward the prisoners?

Answer. Very rough and uncouth.

Question. Did you ever hear him express regrets at their harsh treatment?

Answer. No; on the contrary I always found him willing and assisting to cary out the tyrannical orders of Captain Alexander.

Question. Did he exult over it or appear gratified?

Answer. I can't say as to that, colonel.

Question. How long have you known Caphart?

Answer. Four or five months I reckon.

Question. Were you present at the whipping of the tow prisoners referred to by the other witnesses?

Answer. I was, sir.

Question. Who did the whipping?

Answer. Two men did the whipping; one laid it on light and the other very heavy. It was in the case of an old man named Mitchell who had been badly beaten or in a case of stealing money from prisoners.

Question. The prisoners you saw whipped, were they Confederate soldiers?

Answer. They were, and I don't think they were whipped by order of the courtmatrial.

Question. Do you know anything of the case of Georgia Wright, a deranged prisoner?

Answer. Yes. I found him lying down behind a door in the prison room mired in his own filth with no clothing on but a short swallow-tailed coat. He was com-