War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0879 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC-CONFEDERATE.

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Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Who is the most passionate of the two, Causey or Caphart?

Answer. I couldn't say.

Question (by the CHAIRMAN OF THE COMMITTEE). Is Caphart kind and humane toward the prisoners or the reverse?

Answer. I cannot say.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). You know him to be a kind husband and father don't you?

Answer. I never saw him in the midst of his family so I cannot say.

ROBERT B. CROW, detective, was recalled to the stand.


Question. You know Caphart?

Answer. Yes, sir; I do.

Question. Did you ever hear him express any regrets for punishment indicted upon soldiers?

Question. Does he treat them roughly or kindly?

Answer. Very roughly indeed.

Question. Without provocation?

Answer. He is generally rough; it is natural with him. I have seen him shove and push prisoners about as though they were negroes. I never heard him express any regrets but rather exulted at their treatment.

Question. How many prisoners are usually confined in the Castle?

Answer. Between 400 and 500; sometimes more and sometimes less. They are constantly being received and discharged.

Question. How often is it found necessary to flog them as often as once a week? As often as once a fortnight?

Answer. I cannot say.

Question (by the CHAIRMAN). What is Captain Alexander's conduct among the prisoners under his charge?

Answer. He is sometimes rough and sometimes pleasant.

Question. Have you seen him rough without provocation?

Answer. Well, the captain has a good deal to excite and provoke him, but I have seen him' speak to and treat the prisoners harshly when I though there was no occasion for it.

Question (by Mr. WARD). Don't you know that the captain has an excited manner and when he swears like a sailor oftentimes he does not men anything.

Answer. I don't know.

Question (by Captain ALEXANDER). Did you ever, Mr. Crow, regret a punishment you saw indicted on a prisoner at the Castle and thought it was wrong?

Answer. I have, sir.