War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0876 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. Were some of the men whipped brought from the room from whence the beef bones were hurled?

Answer. Yes. sir.

Question. What for?

Answer. For fighting, stealing and other offenses.

Question. How did you know the were the men?

Answer. They were pointed out by the other prisoners. The captain said he would have them all whipped unless they pointed out the guilty ones. They did so and the guilty stepped out.

Question. How many men were brought out to be whipped?

Answer. I think there were eight or ten.

Question. Were these men whipped for fighting?

Answer. Yes, sir; they were.

Question. How do you know they were the right men?

Answer. I do not know for certain whether the men whipped were the right ones or not, but the other prisoners said to. They were engaged among others and were pointed out by the other prisoners.

Question. How many prisoners were beaten in that fracas?

Answer. Several. One old man named Mitchell was beaten so dreadfully that he has been crazy ever since.

Question. Do you know the provocation for the fight, and was it inquired into?

Answer. I know of no provocation. the case was inquired into by Captain Alexander. There was a great change after the whipping. All was quiet and we could go in and out without molestation.

Question. How many rooms are there in the prison?

Answer. In the second story there is a large hall and beyond that a large-sized rooms where citizens and disloyal persons are confined, and on the third story is a very large room for the soldiers, and partitioned cells, or rather rooms, for prisoners tried by court-martial and prisoners awaiting trial by court-martial.

Captain ALEXANDER (to the committee). We get so accustomed to the men received at Castle Thunder that we know their character as soon as they come in and are thus guided in our disposition of them.

Mr. WARD (counsel for Captain Alexander, to the committee). men are often received form the commanding officer of a company accompanied by an order running something like this:

Take this man and put him in a cell and feed him on bread and water till I send for him for he is one of the damndest rascals in the world.

Captain ALEXANDER. Such irresponsible orders are never observed nor followed out, though.

Question (by the COMMITTEE). Was the whipping referred to by order of General Winder?

Answer. Yes, sir, it was. I carried the order myself from the general to the captain.

WILLIAM CAUSEY, detective, was recalled to the stand.


Question. Do you know anything about prisoners who were whipped; and if so, whether they were Confederate volunteers?

Answer. Yes, sir; and I think they were volunteer soldiers, for there are no others there.

Question. Do you know what was their crime?

Answer. Numbers sir.