War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0875 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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Question. Have you not seen persons who came to the Castle spit upon by the prisoners from the windows and the sentinels cursed and abused?

Answer. Yes; I have seen it done many times.

Question. When prisoners are brought in under arrest and I am present, do I not attempt to discriminate and instruct the officers to separate and classify them and assign them different quarters according to their appearance or offense?

Answer. Yes; I have seen it done and know it was done.

Question. Do you know anything of the plot gotten up among the prisoners to assassinate me and other officers, set the board yard [fence] on fire and liberate the prisoners?

Answer. Yes; I heard of to and it is a well-established fact, and a. C. Webster who was hanged was the ringleader of the plot.

Question. And [after] all this when Webster was afterwards condemned to death what was my conduct toward him?

Answer. You cut and fixed his food and set up with him after he received his inquiries in attempting to escape.

Question (by Mr. WARD, counsel for Captain Alexander). Mr. Caphart, tell the committee how James Tyree was treated by the prisoners went first put into the Castle.

Answer. Yes; I remember when Tyree was brought to the prison; he was dressed in a suit of black and looked genteel and nice. He was sent upstairs and put in one of the rooms. In a few minutes I heard a tremendous noise of shouting, yelling and hallooning mingled with cries. I went up as fast as I could and found Tyree all beaten and gory with blood and stripped to his drawers. He was so bloody and bruised that I could hardly him. I rescued him and took him out from among the prisoners and they followed and crowded around yelling, "Let me at him once more, the son of a bitch; kill the son of a bitch," &c. I carried him outside of the railing and the prisoners attempted to come the railing him outside of the railing and the prisoners attempted to come over the railing after him. Tyree had nothing but his drawers on them. The clothing was never found.

Question (by the COMMITTEE). How many more cases of this kind do you know about?

Answer I know of one case-and old man fifty years old who was beaten and died from the effects of it.

Captain ALEXANDER. That was a case of murder outright.

Question (by Mr. WARD). Did you ever see more lenient treatment by the captain of such incorrigible prisoners?

Answer. Never in my life, sir; never say prisoners better treated. Such misbehavior elsewhere would have led to their close confinement.

Question (by the CHAIRMAN OF THE COMMITTEE). You say the prisoners are dangerous to each other and visitors?

Answer. Not now, sir; since the whipping.

Question. How many do the guards number?

Answer. Fourteen, or about that number.

Question. Did you ever know visitors to the prison to be attacked?

Answer. Yes, sir; always told visitors to look out when they went where the prisoners were. I have seen beef bones large enough to kick a man down thrown at visitors. Once the commandant and all of his officers had to retreat from a shower of beef bones.

Question. How long since were the prisoners so desperate?

Answer. Before the whipping of the ringleaders. The conduct of the prisoners has improved since.