War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0869 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC-CONFEDERATE.

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for my immediate exchange as the treatment I am receiving is unjust. Having every confidence that you will a son of Tennessee you aid,

I remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Surgeon, Provisional Army, C. S.



Near Sandusky, Ohio, February 16, 1863.

Honorable H. S. FOOTE, Member of Congress, Richmond, Va.

SIR: You will excuse me for addressing you this letter when I state it is to claim your assistance and aid in getting released from this prison a much wronged Tennessean, Dr. J. E. Dixon, of Maury County. Doctor Dixon was the surgeon of Colonel George Gantt's battalion, C. S. Army, and taken a prisoner at Fort Donelson a year ago this month. After a short imprisonment he was released to go South, a pass being given him through the Federal lines. He went to Maury County to see his family and there the Federal officer in command indorsement his permit and passed him through his lines. He had no trouble until he reached General McCook's army at Huntsville. He showed his pass to General McCook who at first gave him permission to go South but soon after caused him to be arrested and placed in prison. He was shortly after sent to Camp Chase, Ohio, and from there to this place. He has been confined since July last, no charges being made against him. He was arrested with this pass in his possession. Although there have frequently been prisoners sent South for exchange he has never been permitted to go and sees no hope of getting away from this place. As he is a regular Confederate officer taken at the surrender of Fort Donelson he certainly is entitled to the protection and care of his Government, and I beg you as a matter of justice to a son of Tennessee and as a personal favor to me to insist that the Government demand his exchange at once. As I am but slightly a acquainted with you and probably unremembered, I will state that I am a brother of F. C. Dunnington.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your, obedient servant,


Colonel, Provisional Army, C. S., Prisoner of War.

PRISON BOAT, Aquia, April 8, 1863.

Honorable JAMES A. SEDDON, Secretary of War.

SIR: I learn that Captain Stephen Chester, of the Engineer Corps, Fifteen arrested about two months since on the banks of the Rappahannock and is now in the Libby Prison, Richmond City. Since his confinement he has had lost or stolen from him his coast and all the money he had with him, about $200, and is in a state of destitution and want. These facts are given me by his brother, of General Berry's staff, who as judge-advocate under a military commission has shown me as much kindness as is consisted with his duty. I feel it due to him as well as to the cause of humanity to acquaint you with these facts and to solace an interest in behalf of Captain Chester. If advisable or proper I most respectfully ask that he be included in the next list of exchange for an officer of equal rank or such equivalents as may be agreed upon. Otherwise I hope it may accord with your views of propriety to allow his friends through any safe channel you may designate to send him such supplies of money or clothing as he may need.