War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0847 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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had "directed them to remain at the camp until the rations were cooked and then bring them in if they had to remain all night. " I sent Captain Spence out to the camp at an early hour this morning to inquire why the rations were not prepared and sent in. He reports that Colonel Walker had them ready at 2 a. m., but that the wagons had left before that time and that he had no other available transportation. These are all the facts in the case, and I earnestly hope that they will exonerate me from all culpable neglect in the premises.

Respectfully submitted.


Assistant Inspector-General.


March 9, 1863.

Major THOMAS M. JACK, Assistant Adjutant-General.

MAJOR: The general directs that you place Colonel Sevier, the inspector-general, under arrest, and instruct the commandant of the post to instantly prepare food for the Federal prisoners now here.

Very respectfully,



SHELBYVILLE, March 11, 1863.

Lieutenant-General POLK, Commanding.

GENERAL: I would state that some time during the evening of Sunday, the 8th instant, Captain Spence called upon me for two wagons to haul rations for the prisoners. All my wagons being employed in moving stores for the depot and post commissaries I told him to go there and take any two of the wagons that he saw, which he did. About 7 o'clock in the evening I was called on to furnish wood for the prisoners at the court-house yard which I accordingly furnished. Later in the night Colonel Sevier asked me if the wagons had been furnished to haul the rations and I told him that they had, and I do not remember any further conversation on the subject with Colonel Sevier. I heard nothing about where the rations were to be hauled from or to until the next morning when Captain Spence called on me for two wagons to haul rations from Walker's regiment, Chalmers' brigade, which wagons I sent immediately.

Respectfully submitted.


Major and Assistant Quartermaster.

C. S. MILITARY PRISON, Richmond, March 12, 1863.

Captain W. S. WINDER, Assistant Adjutant-General.

CAPTAIN: I herewith inclose communication* from Major Boyle dated 11th instant containing a list of Yankee prisoners, twenty-nine in number. In connection with these prisoners allow me to make the following statement: They reached here yesterday about 7. 30 o'clock p. m. The roll being called it was found that four of the prisoners on the list, viz, Brigadier General E. H. Stoughto, Captain Barker, Privates B. F. Pratt and R. B. Wardener did not answer, and Lieutenant Bossieux, the officer in charge of the prison during my absence, was informed that they were


*Not found.