War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0817 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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Thrasher, (38) George Thrasher, administer oath of allegiance, give transportation to Stautnon and commutation of rations to their homes; (39) Annie D. Brown, (40 and 41) her two mulatto nieces; (42 and 43) their two children and (44)-Brown (her son), (45 and 46) William Edwards and his daughter, release on parole to work in city of Richmond under direction of Captain G. W. Alexander, assistant provost-marshal; (47) Lewis H. Call, send to enrolling officer as a conscript; if incapable of military service employ him as a teamster under some C. S. officer; (48) Joseph Kennan, parole to work in the interior of the country under direction of some C. S. officer; (49) Robert B. Wright, send to some hospital or send home; (50) J. H. Trout, retain as a prisoner until demanded by the authorities of Virginia; (51) C. B. Humwell, order Lieutenant-Colonel Critcher, Fifteenth Virginia Cavalry to send names of witnesses and retain this man for trial; (52) Charles H. Marsha, treat as prisoner of war; (53) George W. Steele, (54) John Buntain, (55) David Bowers, retain as prisoner until the length of confinement renders any information he might communicate valueless to the enemy, when he may be exchanged for some citizen prisoner; (57)Pat. Leonard, parole not to bear arms against Confederate States and return to Baltimore by first flag of truce; (58) George Miller, retain as prisoner suspected of being a spy until the length of confinement renders any information he might communicate valueless to the enemy, when if no evidence in the meantime shall be furnished he may be exchanged for a citizen; (59) Wilson Gleason, (60) Thomas Gallan, (61) John Whitehead, (62) Bernard Harkell, (63) Thomas W. B. Phillips, (64) Edward Lent, (65) George B. Heath, (66) John Berden, (67) Edward Farrell, (68) Theordore McCary, (69) Edwar Welsh, (70) C. Fuher, (71) Charles Christopher Callum, (72) Hiram Scovell, (73) Solomon Howe, (74) Richard T. Sinton-these are deserters from the enemy and may be treated as prisoners of war and paroled under the cartel if they desire it. If any of them do not and will not take the oath of allegiance and give their parole to work, administer the oath, exact the parole and assign them to some C. S. officer who can make them useful, with due caution to observe their deportment; all such as do not work to return under the cartel and [such as] will not take the oath and give the parole you will for the present retain as prisoners. (75) William B. Taylor, (76) Jacob R. Taylor, send the first of these brothers to the hospital for medical treatment and employ the other as an attendant about the hospital on wages if his health will permit. As soon as the circumstances of their home will render it prudent administer the oath of allegiance and send them home. (77) James Clarke, parole him to go to work under direction of the provost-marshal of Richmond City.

Very respectfully, &c.,


Assistant Secretary of War.

SALISBURY, January 20, 1863.

Brigadier General J. H. WINDER, Richmond, Va.:

Ship to come through with second lot of prisoners 150 large-size tents. It will be necessary owing to the peculiar position of prison inclosure and buildings to have at least two or three more companies for guard duty.