War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0780 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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upon which the Federal authorities established this hospital but have insulted Surg. A. B. Stewart whom it was the pleasure of the Federal authorities to place here in charge in a manner which in my opinion demands that a just Government should no less than ask for an explanation and redress. About two weeks ago Captain Richard W. Johnson entered Iuka in violation of the agreement upon which the Federal lines were extended thus far, and embracing this village and the line of railroad between here and Corinth, and when politely requested to withdraw from the town in reply cast an ungentlemanly reflection upon Surgeon Stewart. And yesterday during the absence of Surgeon Stewart on business for the hospital Major Johnson, accompanied by his brother, Captain Johnson, and about 300 armed men passed through this town, Captain Johnson and one man entering the room where Surgeon Stewart's wife lay sick and under pretense of searching for a contraband (a body servant of Surgeon Stewart's from Northern Kentucky) made a complete search of the room even to the bed upon which Mrs. Stewart was laying, fro which she has suffered greatly. General, permit me to say that such conduct must be punished or this hospital located here by the special request of your surgeons will be clothed, although many of the wounded of your command are pronounced by the surgeons in charge not in a condition to be safely moved. It has been our pleasure to treat with the most circumspect deference the wounded who have fallen into our hands and the Confederate surgeons in charge of them, and we look for an honorable and speedy redress of those outrages.

I am, general, very respectfully,


Captain, U. S. Army, and Provost-Marshal-General, Dist. of Corinth.


Richmond, December 8, 1862.

* * * *

XIII. Commanding officers may order necessary issues of clothing to prisoners and convicts, taking deserters' or other damaged clothing when there is such in store.

* * * *

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector-General.


December 9, 1862.

His Excellency the PRESIDENT.

SIR: Day before yesterday Mr. Job Parsons, a citizen of Tucker County in this State, personally well known to me as a man of the highest respectability, came to this camp to enlist under my command. He was pursued by eight of the enemy's cavalry for many miles, but his superior knowledge of the mountain enabled him to elude his pursuers and escape. He handed me the inclosed original papers* which had been served upon him by the military authorities at Saint George. A similar assessment was made upon Mr. Parsons' father for $300 and


*See Exhibits A and B, p. 810.