War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0772 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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for exchange on the 12th instant the triplicate rolls* of whom are herewith transmitted.

I have the honor to be, sir, with much respect, your most obedient servant,


Major Third Infantry, Commanding Prison.


Near Sandusky, Ohio, June 10, 1863.


Commissary-General of Prisoners, Washington, D. C.

COLONEL: I am in receipt of your dispatch that I am not under orders of the provost-marshal; only General Burnside. I inclose your order+ from General Cox on the 2nd instant. I furnished under this order on the requisition of the provost-marshal of Erie County, Ninth Congressional District, Ohio, a force under Captain Benson to go to Crawford County, Ohio, and arrest deserters and those who harbor them. They were successful and arrested six who are now here, and to men who concealed or employed them, and they were taken to Cleveland and await trial before U. S. court. I forwarded you the roll of deserters last Saturday. Of course I am willing the battalion should render any proper service to the Government and as we had so few prisoners the men could be spared at that time. It is inconvenient to keep the deserters here, at least would be in large numbers very long, as I do not like to mix them with rebel prisoners and am keeping them separate. I shall do in all respects on the subject as you direct.

Major Bascom, adjutant-general on General Cox's staff, is in the habit of sending me all the orders which issue from the District of Ohio. They are designed I suppose mostly for troops in the field. Among other things I am ordered to send morning reports four times a month; also am called on for rolls of prisoners, &c., As I am made responsible for the command by your orders I believe I understand the matter as well as can be done at Cincinnati, and I suppose that it is only incidental from this post being in this District of Ohio that has led to it. I have no complaint on the subject, but I believe the service has been as faithfully performed heretofore as it will be with this increase of clerical labor. I should not have mentioned the matter at all only there would seem to be rather a conflict between your dispatch and the inclosed order, and I thought proper to advise you that probably more from accident than design I seem to have many orders of late from the District of Ohio, and regarding you as my commanding officer I have no disposition to change, and least of all have any conflict. I will add that it would be convenient for the provost-marshal at Sandusky to call on me if he needs held and I shall pleased to be permitted to help him.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major Hoffman's Battalion.

[First indorsement.]


June 15, 1863.

Respectfully referred to the Secretary of War.

Heretofore the depot has been under my exclusive control subject only to such orders as the general commanding the Department of the



+Not found.