War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0744 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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FORT MONROE, June 5, 1863.

Colonel W. HOFFMAN, Commissary-General of Prisoners:

I cannot make any more declarations of exchange until we shall deliver more rebel prisoners. Send me the names of the eight men of Ohio regiments captured near Chattanooga and I will immediately arrange their exchange. How many prisoners have you at Washington? Shall I send for them? Please answer.



WASHINGTON, June 5, 1863.

Lieutenant-Colonel LUDLOW:

Have 200 prisoners of war [and] about 50 citizens for exchange. If the steamer can be spared please send for them. Please reply.


Commissary-General of Prisoners.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Richmond, Va., June 5, 1863.

Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM H. LUDLOW, Agent of Exchange.

SIR: Will you be good enough to inform me when it is to be considered that General Orders, No. 100,* went into effect. Is the date of the order April 24, 1863, or the date of its communication to me, 23rd May, 1863, the true time? Do you recognize the rules of General Order, No. 100, to be as binding against you as for you?

Permit me also to call your attention to the flagrant outrages that have recently been perpetrated in Glousester, Mathews, King and Queen and the adjacent counties. Are they a fair interpretation of your celebrated general order? I am aware it gives a license for a man to be either a fiend or a gentleman. He can find abundant authority for either role in the order. What is the interpretation in General Dix's department? The country has always esteemed him as an honorable gentleman. I inclose a slip+ which is inside the truth recounting some of the doings of Colonel Kilpatrick. Does General Dix approves of this style of conducting war even with belligerent rebels? It is in his own department. Perhaps the higher powers may have something to do with this question some of these days. "Silent spectators of the destruction of their agricultural implements. "

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Agent of Exchange.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Richmond, Va., June 5, 1863.

Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM H. LUDLOW, Agent of Exchange.

SIR: I again ask you will deliver the officers and men whom our agreements have declared exchanged? Will you not give me an answer to this inquiry? Allow me to quote you: "I now make a formal demand for them under the cartel. If this demand be refused please frankly state the reason therefor that issues presented may be fully understood and promptly met. "


*See p. 671.

+Not found.