War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0597 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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trips into the region round about; that he left Baltimore the 6th instant by railroad for Cumberland alone, having sent his horse ahead to that place by the cars; that he left Cumberland Tuesday, the 7th instant, on horseback alone to proceed over the mountains into the valley on the way to Petersburg; that he rode till Saturday in the night, when he was arrested at Greenland, twenty-one miles from New Creek. At this point in his narrative I asked him if he wished to be understood that he, a stranger, traveled from Tuesday till Saturday in the nighttime and over the Alleghany Mountains alone. He replied that he did have a guide by name of E. M. Shipley; that the guide came to him in Baltimore and was there engaged by him and by an arrangement was to meet him at Oakland, some twenty miles beyond Cumberland, and did meet him as agreed. Here I asked Mr. Lawrence to explain the circumstances, agencies and recommendations whereby the guide was employed. Mr. Lawrence then declined and refused to make any statement or disclosure as to the employment of Shipley as guide or by whose advice or recommendation he acted. Mr. Lawrence then proceeded as follows:

I am the author of Guy Livingston and other works of fiction. I took no letters from Baltimore to carry and none were found on me. It was about 12 o'clock at night when I was arrested and I was traveling with my guide through the fields. We traveled nights to avoid the pickets. We passed the pickets a mile and a half and while riding through the fields we were hailed from the road: "Stop, or I'll shoot. " We kept on and two pistol-shots were fired, one shot hitting my guide's horse in the neck. We still kept on, pulling down fences, and while the guide was pulling down a fence we were again hailed in front, asking our names and business. I answered: "Come here and I'll tell you. " We were hailed the second time and I replied as before, when there was a rifle-shot, killing my horse dead under me. My guide made his escape with saddle-bags, but he was captured the next day. I was taken to the station at Greenland. The name of the man who shot my horse is Dolly, a well-known farmer there, and was doing independent duty on his own hook from Greenland. From Greenland I was taken to New Creek, thence to Wheeling, Baltimore and Washington. I intended to rove about among the Confederate troops and then find my way back through Winchester.

Mr. Lawrence was armed with a knife from six to ten inches in length and a weapon which he calls a hunting whip. The large end is loaded and has attached a hammer-shaped instrument and the smaller end has a loop strap fastened, through which the hand is inserted, the strap encircling the wrist. The knife and hunting whip are formidable weapons for hunting man or beast. There was also found on Mr. Lawrence's person a letter addressed to him by W. W. Glenn falsely representing that he was in search of land, advising him where to go, who were reliable and who not and assuring him "my friends will be glad to serve you. " This letter was intended as directions to the place where Lawrence would find the guide and the route to take, the persons to trust and avoid. It was ingeniously devised (probably), but seen in the light of subsequent disclosures it reflects a disloyal and traitorous light, as straws are said to indicate the direction of the current. I would also state that Mr. Lawrence when in Wheeling gave a hackman 25 cents in postal currency on which was distinctly written: "Jeff. Davis rides a white horse, Abe rides a mule; Davis is a gentleman, Abe is a fool. " I also respectfully state that the guide of Mr. Lawrence (E. M. Shipley) has also been before me but he refused peremptorily to make any statement or make any disclosures whatever. He had letters upon him of late date addressed to persons in rebellion and papers proving him to be a rebel soldier. Mr. Glenn, of Baltimore, is known to be (from intercepted letters) the confidential agent or correspondent of the rebels who congregate in Canada. He has once been arrested and imprisoned for disloyalty. He was the friend and adviser