War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0486 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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is desirable they should be. I have therefore made a roll* of officers transferred and a new return* are inclosed herewith and which I request may be substituted for those previously sent you. The error in the field and staff pointed out by you arose from the adjutants and other staff officers being counted as company officers. That has been corrected, and you will perceive that there are now 14 field and staff officers and 64 company officers and 204 non-commissioned officers, privates, citizens, &c. To make this last number the two men, Joseph Bryant and Andrew J. Dye, should be stricken from the roll of transferred men. Bryan it appears was discharged on oath and bond and is accounted for on the roll of discharged men. Dye is still here in prison.

The frequent transfer and retransfer of prisoners to and fro between Saint Louis and this place makes it a difficult matter to keep the run of some of them and it is not surprising that mistakes should sometimes occur though we endeavor to avoid them. In regard to the exchanged roll it is possible that in our endeavors to correct this roll after the prisoners had been marched to the cars some few names may have been crossed off the rolls that should not and thus the number of names be made so much less in the count. This I can only ascertain by requesting you which I now do to cause to be forwarded to me a list of all the names that are crossed off this roll and for which I shall be much obliged.

It was believed that 869 prisoners left here for exchange, but this probably was a mistake. The officer who conducted the prisoners to City Point has returned hither and reports having delivered to the Confederate authorities at that place 855, for which number he got a receipt. He also reports that 3 prisoners died while en route to City Point; 2 were left in hospital in Baltimore; 2 and probably 3, the names of whom he could not learn at the time, effected their escape before he reached Baltimore, and 3 others who are under sentence and whose names got upon the rolls by mistake were brought back to this place, making in all 866 men who left the prison. It has been ascertained that some four or five men managed to leave here with the exchange whose names were not upon the roll at all by assuming as is supposed the names of a like number of men who managed to remain behind and who have since been found here. Such a fraud seems to be almost impossible to avoid when so large a body of men was being sent off. Captain Sisson states that when delivering the prisoners at City Point he found several men, four or five, amount them whose names did not appear upon the roll, but they were included in the 855 turned over by him.

I hope the foregoing explanation, though somewhat prolix, will be satisfactory, and that the accompanying rolls* and return* will be found correct as I think they are

I am, &c.,


Commanding Prison.


Winchester, Ky., April 16, 1863.

PROVOST-MARSHAL, Mount Sterling, Ky.

SIR: You will arrest all parties that have at any time been connected with the Confederate Army, whether discharged or otherwise dismissed,


* Omitted.