War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0370 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Alexandria, Va., March 19, 1863.

Brigadier General JOHN P. SLOUGH,

Military Governor, Alexandria, Va.

GENERAL: Upon inspection of the paroled and exchanged prisoners' camp I find hundreds of tents lying in the open air water-soaked and fast becoming worthless in spite of your repeated orders to the contrary. There are but 342 men now in camp, all but 32 of whom have been exchanged; 70 men are detailed as camp guard; 29 are upon extra or daily duty. There are 8 commissioned officers, 7 teams for transportation and 3 ambulances.

In my opinion there is no good reason why this camp should not be broken up and the property on hand turned in to the depot quartermaster. It is in a very unhealthy situation, the ground being so level that proper drainage is impossible, the soil being of the worst for the site of a camp.

Taking away the guard and the detailed men who are fit to go to their regiments there will be but 243 men left, proper subjects for any camp but that of their regiments. Of these the 32 paroled men should be sent to Annapolis and the balance to the convalescent camp where they will faster recover their health than in tents.

It may be thought that this camp should be kept up in anticipation of its being needed in case of an advance of your army and the consequent chances of an influx of paroled and exchanged prisoners, but with the present facilities at this point a camp could be established upon three days' notice sufficient to accommodate all likely to be sent here.

If it is concluded to keep the camp in this vicinity it should be removed to a new and more healthy location.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain and Aide-de-Camp.

[First indorsement.]


Alexandria, Va., March 19, 1863.

Approved and respectfully forwarded.

For the reasons within named I respectfully recommend that this camp be broken up.


Brigadier-General of Volunteers, Military Governor.

[Second indorsement.]


March 20, 1863.

Respectfully referred to Colonel Hoffman.

By breaking up this camp and sending these thirty-two men to Annapolis these eight officers will be available and can be ordered to Annapolis where their services are much needed. The other men can be comfortably accommodated at the convalescent camp.


Major-General, Commanding.