War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0261 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. --UNION.

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IV. The transportation necessary to a compliance with this order can on application be procured from the Governors of the several States or from the U. S. mustering or commanding officers in the various cities within them.

V. The commanders of the different camps of instruction to which paroled men are sent will have them organized into companies and battalions, keeping those of the same regiment and of the same State as much together as possible, and will have correct muster-rolls of them made out and forwarded to this office; and on the 15th day of every muster month will furnish a list of them to the company commanders, from whom in return they will procure full and exact descriptive lists of each man and accounts of the pay, clothing, &c., due to or from him to the Government.

Numbers 163, 1862:

Whenever prisoners of war are released on parole and sent through the lines the officers who release them will immediately send rolls to the Adjutant-General of the Army containing an exact list of the prisoners' names, rank, regiment, date and place of capture and date of release on parole. These rolls are indispensable in effecting exchanges of prisoners.

Numbers 176, 1862:

The commissary-general of prisoners has charge of the U. S. officers and men on parole, and correspondence relating to them as well as all details concerning them will pass through him.

III. The foregoing instructions relative to prisoners of war are thus compiled and published that every officer serving in the Department of the Ohio and on whom the duties prescribed may be devolved may be fully informed in relation thereto, and future negligence on the part of any one will be punished as willful disobedience of orders.

The reports and rolls called for, except those directed to be sent with prisoners to Vicksburg, will by officers serving in this department be neatly and carefully prepared, properly folded and indorsed and forwarded through these headquarters.

By command of Major-General Wright:


Assistant Adjutant-General and Chief of Staff.



New Orleans, February 9, 1863.

I. All prisoners of war in this department taken from the enemy and now on parole and who have not taken the oath of allegiance will report on Friday, the 20th instant, at 1 p. m., at the foot of Canal street, in this city, for passage via Baton Rouge through the lines under flag of truce. Such as have not already been registered will report at the provost-marshal's office, 177 Canal street, in time to be registered. Officers of the United States having Confederate prisoners of war in custody will forwarded them to this city under guard in time for registration and passage on transport as above provided.

II. By General Orders, Numbers 10, January 10, 1863, from the War Department, Adjutant-General's Office, the following officers and men are declared duly exchanged as prisoners of war: All captures of officers, enlisted men and camp followers in the States of Texas and Louisiana up to January 1, 1863; all captures of officers, enlisted men and camp followers in the States of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi up to December 10, 1862; all captures on the sea, the sea and Gulf coasts and the waters flowing into the same up to December 10, 1862. All officers and enlisted men of the United States in this department herein declared exchanged will immediately report for duty to their proper companies and regiments.

By command of Major-General Banks:


Lieutenant-Colonel and Assistant Adjutant-General.