War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0213 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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3. It is not true that many of your prisoners at Richmond and Salisbury are suffering from want of clothing. I will hereafter inform you whether any clothing for their use will be received.

4. I will make due inquiry into the alleged fact that parties belonging to the Fourth Regiment East Tennessee and other Tennessee and Ohio regiments have been detained in Atlanta and Castle Thunder for over eight months. I do not think that such is the fact. If it is so they shall be delivered to you.

5. You say "that all the men taken in arms against the United States who belonged to your (our) irregular organizations have been released and delivered at Vicksburg. " The representations daily made to me are exactly to the contrary. If credible testimony can be believed you have now many hundreds of our officers and men in confinement. By the express terms of our last agreement all such are to be immediately release, to whatever organization they may have belonged. They heretofore have been refused a release because they were styled "bushwhackers. " They were not so in any sense of the term. Will you release them?

6. Some few of the officers captured at Fredericksburg were paroled and sent to your lines. If any injustice has been done to you by our agreement about reducing officers to privates or in any other subject-matter I will promptly redress it. It will, however, be impossible to arrange that matter without an interview. There must be many officers in your and our possession who by our agreement made at the last interview were declared exchanged. Such certainly ought to be mutually delivered up. The excess is on our side but I will stand it because I have agreed to it. I must, however, insist upon the immediate delivery of such of our officers as are included in the agreement.

7. The letter to the widow of the late General D. R. Jones was sent to her in a few minutes after its receipt.

8. I have many subjects upon which I desire to have a conference with you. Inform me unless you yourself come when you will be at City Point.

9. Inform me by the next communication whether you have any of our non-commissioned officers and privates on hand and when you will send them; also whether you intend to keep in confinement the citizen prisoners whom you have arrested.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Agent of Exchange.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, January 26, 1863.

Major-General SCHENCK, Baltimore:

Please make official report of all the circumstances of the arrest of Captain Wynne, calling himself of the British army, and also any testimony or facts leading to the suspicion of his being a spy.




New Berne, N. C., January 26, 1863.

Brigadier General N. G. EVANS, Commanding, Kinston, N. C.

GENERAL: I herewith have the honor to send prisoners of war taken by my forces at and near Trenton, N. C.