War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0163 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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to their officers those privileges which he is always pleased to extend to brave men even though fighting for a cause which he considers hostile to our nation and disastrous to human freedom.

By command of Major-General Rosecrans:


Assistant Adjutant-General and Chief of Staff.

MURFREESBOROUGH, January 8, 1863.

Colonel HOFFMAN:

We desire to send our prisoners to the most convenient point for prompt exchange. Where shall it be?



WASHINGTON, D. C., January 8, 1863.

Brigadier General L. THOMAS, Adjutant-General U. S. Army.

GENERAL: I have the honor to submit the following for the consideration of the honorable the Secretary of War:

Eleven months ago I was arrested in this city, conveyed to Fort Lafayette and placed in close confinement.

At the time my division headquarters were at Poolesville, Md., where were kept all my papers, public and private, which had accumulated during a continuous field service of many months and where I had the private property belonging to the usual equipment of a general officer in the field.

All this property and papers was as I am informed taken possession of by the Government and conveyed to the office of the War Department.

Subsequently a portion of my clothing and equipment was sent to the residence of my family in this city.

A considerable portion of my clothing, &c., has never been returned, nor have any of my papers, public or private, been restored.

The papers and articles retained (including the letters of my wife and family) embrace many which have great value tome and can have little to any one else - none whatever to the Government.

These articles are my property and mine only and the only effect of their retention will be inconvenience and annoyance to me.

I therefore request that orders may be given directing the restoration of my property and papers, which have now been eleven months out of my possession without a receipt or catalogue furnished to me.

Very respectfully, I am, general, your most obedient servant,




WAR DEPARTMENT, January 9, 1863.

Return to the Adjutant-General with the information that the property and papers were brought to this Department by one of General Stone's aides; that the property was delivered to Mr. Parker, General; Stone's brother-in-law; that the papers were at the time sealed up and remain so still, and that the Judge-Advocate was instructed nearly two months ago to examine the papers and such as were of a private nature returned to General Stone, retaining only such as were of a public character or important as evidence.


Assistant Secretary of War.