War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0140 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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December 26, 1862, speaking of the treatment that they receive at Camp Chase Prison, and I would here add that the following extracts are only a counterpart of thousands of others of similar character that I have read during the pas


Prison Provost- Marshal and Examiner of Letters.


We have plenty to eat and are doing well.

JOSEPH McGILL (Virginia.)

I want nothing; I have everything that heart could wish except my freedom. I am doing well and living fine and at.


We get plenty to eat and are treated very well by the officers.

W. A. WOMACK (Kentucky)

Bill of fare at the Virginia House December 25, 1862: Bean soup, hog and corn, pork and hominy, roast beef, turkey, duck, Shanghai chicken, oysters, apple dumplings, pound cakes, sweet cakes, green peaches, peach pie, &c.

ED. (Virginia.)

DECEMBER 28, 1862.

We have nothing to do but eat and sleep. We have plenty to eat and to drink and a very good bed to sleep on. We have no reason to complain. We have very nice officers here; as nice as any need have.

JOHN A. CARSON (Virginia).

I received a letter from you dated the 18th of this month in which you express a great deal of uneasiness abut my suffering here. I have a good husk mattress and a parcel of cotton comforts and a couple of pillows, so that I can sleep quite comfortably. I have no need of clothing. The good Being has blessed me in the midst of my afflictions.

D. D. DAVIDSON (Virginia.)

I expect to be exchanged in two or three weeks. This is the best prison I ever saw. We live as well here as in our hotels in Dixie.

J. W. HAYWOOD (Virginia.)

Judge, this is a good place to stay. The officers here are the nicest men; we have plenty to eat and to wear here.

JOHN. PAINE (Virginia.)

My, what a dinner- turkey, chicken, roast beef, oysters, green peaches, pound cake, honey, apple- dumplings, pies and in fact a thousand little things too tedious to mention. My health is fine and I am getting fleshy and too big for my clothes.

M. E. RUSSELL (Virginia.)

We are doing very well. The officers are very pleasant and agreeable gentlemen about the prison.

F. P. M. ESTIS (Missouri.)