War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0136 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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amount of tax to be diverted from its proper destination and it is now in the hands of the post treasurer at Camp Chase, instead of in the possession of the officer in charge of the prison, as by article 6 of the general regulations from your office. I deemed it better to leave this matter to your action, as a partial disposition had been made of the money by the post council which was in no manner under its control and appropriated to a purpose entirely without its jurisdiction.

The prisoners so far as I have been able to ascertain are never interfered with by the sentinels either in the night or daytime unless they go beyond the high fence which surrounds it. On one occasion a disturbance took place at night between some of the prisoners, who were repeatedly ordered by a sentinel to disperse, and upon their indifference to and disobedience of is order he fired and killed one of them. The paper marked H is a copy of a letter from Major Zinn to Major Darr upon the subject and has been given me as explanatory of the off air by the commanding officer at Camp Chase.

With regard to the general treatment of the prisoners, their receipt of moneys and packages by express and other matters relating in detail to their comfort, I desire especially to call your attention to the series of papers marked K in which many statements occur over the signatures of the prisoners themselves of satisfaction and contentment.

The paper* marked M contains a list of the prisoners now confined at Camp Chase, with their homes, date of confinement, place of arrest and the nature of the charges against them stated in general terms. Judge Galloway is now engaged in the examination of the prisoners. The charges and statements made are recorded, and every opportunity is afforded to the prisoner to furnish evidence of his innocence as in his favor. If there is not proper evidence to sustain the accusation against the prisoner he is by the authority delegated to the judge discharged. If his offense in many cases the prisoner is discharged under bonds, the amount of the bonds depending upon the degree of the offense, and the prisoner is made upon his release to report in person to the Federal constituted authorities in those sections of the country to which he belongs. Judge Galloway has informed me that he will probably complete his duties by the middle of February or the 1st of March of this year.

I submit for your information the inclosure* marked O, of the number of prisoners who have arrived at Camp Chase and who have been discharged or transferred from there during the month of December, 1862, by detachments or singly. This gives the date, number of prisoners, authority directing their movements and the place of their arrest and when discharged of their destination. From this it will be seen that Governor Tod has made a many releases. He has granted over 400 permits from the 1st of march to the 26th of December, 1862, for parties to visit the prison and have interviews with their friends.

The amount of the prisoners' fund is $1,843. 63 to

the 1st of December, 1862, and the hospital fund is $56. 31. I respectfully recommend an increase of the sutler's tax on his sales to prisoners and that this mount or a portion of it be devoted to the prison hospital fund and that more delicacies be provided for the sick. At present its small amount will permit but little useful expenditure. To the general prisoners' fund above stated there should be added the sum of $149. 20 stated in paper marked G and which has been by the recent commanding officer improperly diverted. In general the prison is much more


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