War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0062 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. What was their modus operandi?

Answer. They carried canteens and glasses with them.

Question. Had they a fixed position or were they moving?

Answer. Moving.

Question. Can you give me any information upon which I can arrest some of these individuals?

Answer. I can.

Question. Will you do it?

Answer. I will.

Statement of Prentiss S. Frink, Company D, Forty-fourth New York Volunteers, December 7, 1862.

Question. Do you know of any murderers being committed in or about this camp?

Answer. No.

Question. Have you any reliable information of any murder being committed in or about this camp?

Answer. Nothing only what I have heard.

Question. Did you ever tell M. Shaw that there had been murder committed in this camp?

Answer. I told Shaw I had been told so by others.

Question. Who told you there had been a murder committed?

Answer. There were two men came into our booth last Sunday to buy some stationery and they said that there had been two men murdered in this camp. One had his throat cut and the other had his head mashed in with a club.

Question. Have you heard of any other murder?

Answer. While I was in the hospital a man who said he was a steward told me that one man had died from the effects of his wounds received by being kicked and knocked about the camp.

Question. In either of the cases of which you spoke have you any personal knowledge?

Answer. No.

Question. Do I understand you to say that all the knowledge you have of this affair is from mere camp rumors?

Answer. All I know is what others told me.

Question. At what particular part of the camp did your informants tell you the murder had been committed?

Answer. They did not say.

Question. Did ever Chineworth tell you that any murders had been committed here?

Answer. No.

Question. Did you ever make any efforts to find out whether these statements were true or not?

Answer. No.

Question. Why did you not try to find out?

Answer. I did not consider it any of my business.

Question. Did you believe these reports when you heard them?

Answer. There was so much said about it had I did not know but what there might be some truth in it.