War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0061 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Question. Did you report Chineworth's gambling to anybody?

Answer. I have spoken of it to his chum, A. J. Hurd.

Question. When you knew that the offense of gambling - violating the regulations of the U. S. Army - was being committed why did you not as a good soldier report the same to these headquarters?

Answer. Because I supposed the fact of their gambling was known at these headquarters and that they had the power to break it up they felt so disposed.

Question. Why did you suppose the fact was known at these headquarters?

Answer. Because it is so open, so universal and so near these headquarters I supposed all must know it who wished to.

Question. How near these headquarters was the nearest gambling you know of?

Answer. As near as I can estimate, 100 yards.

Question. Who kept the table you estimate as 100 yards from here?

Answer. I do not know.

Question. Was the table in the front or in the rear of this camp?

Answer. In the rear.

Question. In the rear of what battalion was this table?

Answer. In the rear of the Third Battalion.

Question. What kind of a game was played at this table?

Answer. I do not know the name of the game. I saw cards and dice.

Question. Did you see any money bet?

Answer. I have seen money on the table.

Question. Was this carried on in the open air or in a booth or tent?

Answer. In the open air.

Question. Did you ever see the guard of this camp attempt to suppress this gambling?

Answer. I saw the guard endeavoring to do so last Sunday, the second time they came around.

Question. Did you ever see any officer of officers of the guard endeavoring to break this gambling up?

Answer. Only this time that I have mentioned that I recollect.

Question. Can you stand in front of these headquarters and see the place where the table stood that you estimate as being 100 yards from headquarters?

Answer. I think not.

Question. Have you seen any liquor sold in this camp?

Answer. I have, to the best of my knowledge.

Question. Why did you think it was liquor?

Answer. It looked like it; its being dealt out of a canteen and their taking pay for it led me to suppose it was liquor.

Question. Who did you see selling liquor?

Answer. I tried to ascertain his name but could not.

Question. How many men did you see selling liquor?

Answer. I have sent two.