War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0060 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Question. Do you know or have you heard of any other murder having been committed in or about this camp?

Answer. I have heard it remarked that there have been several murders committed.

Question. Who have you heard make these remarks?

Answer. Sergt. James O'Neil, Company B, Ninth Massachusetts Volunteers; Josiah M. Darrel, Company E, Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteers; James N. Lynch, Company F, Fortieth New York Volunteers, and Harry Wilson, Company E, Fortieth New York Volunteers.

Question. What information did you receive from these men?

Answer. I got no information except the talk.

Question. Have you ever heard anything in reference to the several murders of which you speak except vague and indefinite reports?

Answer. No.

Question. Do you know of any gambling being carried on in this camp?

Answer. Yes.

Question. Can you give me the names of the party or parties engaged in gambling?

Answer. Yes. W. E. Chineworth.

Question. Was Chineworth engaged as the dealer or bettor?

Answer. I supposed he was the one that owned the bank.

Question. Did you ever gamble yourself?

Answer. No.

Question. What kind of a game was Chineworth playing?

Answer. I don't know the name of the game but it was with dice.

Question. How often did you see Chineworth playing?

Answer. I saw him several times.

Question. When you say several times, do you mean several times in one day or several times in several days?

Answer. Several times in several days.

Question. Do you know of any one else engaged in gambling?

Answer. I do not know the name of any one else.

Question. Did you ever see Prentiss S. Frink gambling?

Answer. Numbers I have seen Frink standing by Chineworth but did not know whether there was gambling going on or not.

Question. What were the actions of Chineworth when you saw him gambling?

Answer. He was rattling dice.

Question. Did you see any money on the table?

Answer. I saw money and checks.

Question. Do you know how much capital Chineworth had invested in this business?

Answer. No; I do not.

Question. Did you ever report Chineworth as having gambled to any officer?

Answer. No.