War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0059 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Question. Have you any reliable information of any murder being committed in or about this camp?

Answer. I think I have.

Question. Of what does your information consist?

Answer. Of reports.

Question. Give a report of one murder.

Answer. The report of Prentiss S. Frink, of Company D, Fort-fourth New York Volunteers, that he was informed at the hospital of the burial of a man who died from the effect of injuries received in camp.

Question. Do you know the name of the person murdered?

Answer. No.

Question. Was it a man or a boy?

Answer. I don't know. I suppose it was a man.

Question. What reason have you [to suppose] that it was a man?

Answer. I have no reason only that there are very few boys that stay in camp nights.

Question. Do you know who the parties were who committed the offense?

Answer. No.

Question. Was the act committed inside the chain of sentinels or outside?

Answer. Reported to have been inside.

Question. Who reported it to be within the chain of sentinels?

Answer. Corpl. A. J. Hurd, Company A, Forty-fourth New York Volunteers, and W. E. Chineworth, First Maryland Cavalry.

Question. At what particular part of the camp was the offense committed?

Answer. In front of the tent of A. J. Hurd.

Question. Did Hurd or Chineworth say that they saw the murder committed?

Answer. No.

Question. Did they say they saw the body of the person murdered?

Answer. Yes; Chineworth said so.

Question. Did either Hurd or Chineworth say they saw the persons that committed the deed?

Answer. They did not.

Question. How did Hurd know that a murder had been committed in front of his tent?

Answer. I don't know.

Question. When did they tell you this murder had been committed?

Answer. Some time the latter part of October or the first part of November, perhaps.

Question. Why do you think it was about that time?

Answer. Because I think it was about the time.

Question. Did you ever attempt to ferret out the murderers?

Answer. I did not.