War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0039 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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adjacent to the camp and have discovered nothing which would warrant a suspicion of death by violence of any soldier or citizen. I respectfully beg leave to state further that since our arrival in your camp our men have daily scoured the whole country within a circuit of six miles from camp in search of straggling soldiers, and had any dead bodies been concealed within the extent of their search they could not have failed to discover them. No such discovery has been made.

My company has been on duty in this camp since October 6, 1862.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant, Commanding Company B, Purnell [Legion] Cavalry.

[Inclosure Numbers 2.] GENERAL ORDERS,


Annapolis, Md., September 18, 1862.

I. The following order has been submitted to Major-General Wool. He approves and directs its enforcement. Refusal to obey by commissioned officers will result in arrest and be reported to headquarters of the Eighth Army Corps:

II. The general order of the day will until further orders as follows: Reveille, 5 a. m. ; breakfast, 6 a. m. ; police, 7 a. m. ; recall, 8. 30 a. m. ; surgeon's call, 9 a. m. ; dinner, 12 m. ; police, 1 p. m. ; recall, 2. 30 p. m. ; inspection of camp, 4. 30 p. m. ; battalion assembly for reading orders, 5 p. m. ; surgeon's call, 6 p. m. ; supper, 6. 30 p. m. ; tattoo, 8. 45 p. m. ; taps, 9 p. m.

III. At all calls except breakfast, dinner and supper the commissioned officers will be present with their commands.

IV. The calls will be intimated by the bugle at headquarters when the bugles of the different battalions will take up the call.

V. Sunday morning inspection at 8 a. m., when a report of the condition of each command will be made to these headquarters.

By order of -


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding Paroled Prisoners.

[Inclosure Numbers 3.] GENERAL ORDERS,


Near Annapolis, Md., December 4, 1862.

I. General passes will be given only to employees at headquarters, quartermaster's, commissary and hospital departments, each of which will bear the same on its face. All other passes will be issued daily from headquarters bearing a stamp to be changed daily, and only one name shall be placed upon the same pass.

II. No wagon, cart or other vehicle will be permitted to pass within the lines without written permission from headquarters stating the purpose of the drive, whose name must appear on the same and which is not transferable.

III. No spirituous or malt liquors, wine or cider will be permitted in camp. If any such be found it will be confiscated and with the party or parties brought to these headquarters.

IV. The guards will permit neither teams nor individuals to pass in or out except at Post Numbers 1.

V. The health of the men and common cleanliness demand that no soldiers shall defecate on any part of the camp grounds other than the proper sinks for that purpose. If any soldier disobeys this order he