War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0897 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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HDQRS. 3rd Brigadier, 1ST DIV., ARMY OF THE WEST,

Camp Corinth, Miss., May 20, 1862.


DEARI GENERAL: I wrote you some days since and sent it to Mobile to be mailed. I did not in it communicate to you fully the progress of affairs here and cannod do so now as I write you in a hurry, as we have just returned from the field where we have been in line of battle for three days. The Yankees are evidently afraid to attack us; in other words, they show timidity.

Old Captain Robards, from Hanibal, reached our camp yesterday direct from him home. He came by water to Saint Louis, from there to Nashville, thence to Chattanooga and here. He says my brother, the old doctor, was sent to Alton in irons. He was chained very heavily, as they thought him very vicious, says the captain, Robards.

Doctor Foster is here (in Alton) in advance of my brother and condemned to be shot. The sentence has been approved by General Halleck. The charge was bridge burning and railroad tearing up. I wish you take some action or have taken to mitigate this penatly of our old friend Foster.

The boys are bushwhacking in Northeast Missouri. There are no troops there now except the Gamble militia or home guards. He reports the boys are taking small parties of Feds every day in that region; they take no prisoners. No quarter is shown by either side. Gilchrist Porter is on the bench. They are making an effort to collect tax in that region, with what difficulty an success you may well judge. Men are determined to resist. General Rains, General McBride, Governor Jackson, Colonel Coffee, Colonel Clarkson, Colonel O'Kane have gone back to bushwhack. They are now in Arkansas preparing to go up. General Curis in Arkansas with 10,000 men. Why is General Pike in command yet?

I write you in haste and will do so again soon and more fully. I should like to hear from you.

Address me in care of Brigadier-General Green.

Your friend,


P. S. - Our pickets have been fighting with Federal for eight days. We came near bagging 6,000 a few days ago. We get water from the same spring.

I should like to get a permanent position if possible soon as I can. Barney King was killed in the battle [of] Shiloh. Old Moore, from Northeast Missouri, had his leg shot off by a cannot ball. The Federals confess a loss of 28,000. Our loss was 9,000.

Your, friend,




Opelousas, June 10, 1862.

I. Captain S. M. Todd with proceed with his detachment to Prescott's Springs, near Bayou Chicot, in the parish of Saint Landry, and will arrest a Mr. Harris, whose Christian name is unknown, but who is said