War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0797 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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it to headquarters at Richmond, and have as yet received no reply. General Bragg will do me the justice to believe that my sole ambition in the service is to do my duty, and that I recognize the highest duty of a soldir to be to obey orders, and I should feel it an honor to serve under his orders, atthe same time I would most respectfully submit to him theconsideration that I was sent there by order of Brigadier-Geenrl Winder, commanding prisoenrs of war, anmd with- ourt any instrucitons to report to the commandant of this military distirct. I have been acting under General Winder's orders andit is possible that from want of concert I might receive contradictory or inconsistent orders from Richmond and the headquarters of this military deapartment. This would place me, without any ault of mine, in a msot embarrassing situation. For these reasons I referred that portion of your communication to Richmond, and not from want of respect to Major-General Bragg or want of disposition to obey his orders. In the meantime that I may be entirely right I inclose a retun* of all prisoners confined under my charge, and monthly report* of the guard, &c.

Trusting that this will meet the approval of General Bragg,

I am, sir very respectfully, your obedient servant,



WAR DEAPRTMENT, Richmond, February 13, 1862.

Midshipman A. D WHARTON, Nashville, Tenn.

SIR: On the 13th of December last Lieutenant M. A. POarks was tendered in exchange for you and General Huger was instructed to make the offer. This it appears was not accepted. Ont he 24th of January, 1862, General Wool tenderedyou in exchange for Lieutenant Van Horn. On the 28th of the same month the Secretary of War accepted the offer and tendered Liertuenant Van Horn in exchagne for yourself.

Your obedient servant,


Assistant Secretary of War.

WAR DEAPRTMENT, Richmind, Febraury 14, 1862.

Major General BENJAMIN HUGER, Norfolk, Va.

SIR: On the 23rd ultimo I wrote to you as follows:

By your letter of 11th instant you informed me that you had offered to Comodoer Goldsborough Lieutenant Wiliaqm G. Jones for Lieutenant Sayre, of marine Corps. By your letter of 20th instant you state that you offered Lietuenant Dickinson for Tattnall before getting instrucitons to offer him for Saye. By my two letters of the 29th of December you are instucted to offer Dickinson for Sayre and Jones for Tatnall. I do not see who has been given to us for Jones and yet you ask for another lieutenatn to be given for Sayre. Please explain.

Lieutenant Sayre is now here, and as the time named in his parole is about to expire feels very anxious about his exchagne. I have already notified you that I had ordered Lieutenant Jones to be sent to you. I understand also that Lieutenant Dickinson has been sent Norht.


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