War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0782 PRISOENRS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Carolina State troops enlisted for the war; W. H. Ward was a lieutenatn in the U. S . Navy. In your letter of the 23rd you decline togive regulars for volunteers. I therfore will refuse the propositions in rewgard toMajor Gilliam and Lieutenant Biggs. Captain J. T. Drew has already been offered for Lietuenatn Ward and I will decline to offer Captain Prime for him. I will await your decision in regard to Messrs. Wharton and Whitehurst.

Very respectfuly, your obedient servant,


Major- General, Commanding.


Wheeling, Va., January 27, 1862.

I, Milton J. Ferguson, on being released by Brigadier General W. S. Rosecrans, commanding Department of Western Virtginia, do solemnly pledge my honor that I will procure the release of Lieutenant- COlonel Neff, now a prisoer in the hands of the C. S. authorities, or on failing to do so willdeliver myself intot he custody of General Rosecrans, and will not menawhile, until the exchange is effected or I return, do any act hostile to the Government of the UnitedStates nor give aid or informaitoon to its enemies.


BVIRGINIA, January 27, 1862.

I, Milton J. Feguson, a militaruy prisoner subject as such to the order of General WIlliam S. Rosecrans and also a prisoner of the District Court of the Untied States fort the Western District of Virginia, myself and Lietuenant-Colonel Neff (of a regiment of Kentucky volunteers), being taken prisoner by the COnfederate Army at Scary, on the Kanawha River, a ndnow a prisoner of the COnfeferate Army, and the said General Rosecfrans proposing to allow the asid Feguson to make the trial to obtain such exchagne pfovieded said court will release siad Ferguson on his parole, and the said court, through the distirct attorney, has assented to the same: Now, therfore, I, Milton J. Feguson, do hereby pledge my parole of honor that in the event I fail to obtain such exchagne and to procure the release of said COlonel Neff within sixty days fromt he date herof I will surrender myself a prisoner to the jailer of Ohio County, in the town of Wheeling, there to be kept as a prisoner of the said court until deischaged by a due course of law.

Gviern under my hand the day and year above written.


WAR DEPARTMENT, Richlmo d, January 28, 1862.

Major General BENJAMIN HUGER, Norfol,, Va.

SIR: I have your letter of the 27th instant in relation to exchagnes propsed by Major General John E. Wool in his letters to you of the 24th and 25th instnt. I will give Lietuenatn Van Horn, of Eighth U. S . Infantrty, in exchange for Midshipman Wharton. lieutenatn Van Horn has been ordered here from Texas and will be sent you on his arrival.