War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0753 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -C ONFEDERATE.

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Lieutenant T. B. Glover, Company C, Fourth Maine; for Midshipman Claiborne, First Lieutenant Walter B. Ives, Company I, Seventy- ninth New york; for Midshipman Cenas, First Lieutenant S. R. Knight, Company D, First Thode Island; for Midshipman Wharton, Second Lieutenant M. A. Parks, First Michigan, for Surg. W. M. Page, Surg. W. H. Allen, Second Maine, and for Assistant Surgeon Lindsay, Asst. Surg. W. FLetcher, Sixth Indianas. I suppose Butt and Dalton would also be exchanged against army officers, and if so try to get them and we will send equivalents. I thought, however, that one of them was to be released in exchange for Abbott.

I trust you will spare no effort to get back our officrs.

Your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.

C. S. PRISONS, Richmond, December 13, 1861.

Brigadier General J. H. WINDER,

Coimmandign Department of Henrico, Richmond.

GENERAL: In exchange for either of our officers now in possession of the enemy (as per list before me) I would select the following, and from my personal knowledge of all the prisoners I think those named are those least likely to be efficient for harm to the Confederacy in the event, not probable, that they again enter the service of the United States: For Robert Tansill, captain, Marine COrps, send W. L. Bowers, captain and quartermaster First Rhode Islad, at Tuscaloosa; for J. R. F. Tatnall, first leiutenant, Marine Corps, William Dickinson, first liuetutenant, Third Infantry; for T. S . Wilson, first leitenant, Marine Corps, T. B. Glover, first liutenant Company C, Fourth Maine; for H. B. Claiborne midshipman, Wlater B. Ives, first lieutenant Company D, Seventy- ninth New York; for Hilary Cenas, midshipman, S. R. Knight, first lietutenant Company D, First Rhode Island, Tuscaloosa; for A. D. Wharton, midshipman, M. A. Parks, second lieutenant Company H, First Michigan; for W. M. Page, surgeon, W. H. Allen (parole), Second Regiment Maine Volunteers; for James E. Lindsay, assistant surgeon, W. FLetcher, assistant srgeon Sixth Indiana.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, COmmanding at Prisons.

I concur entirely with Captain GIBBS IN THE ABOVE SELECTION.




Beech Grove, Ky., December 13, 1861.

Lieutenant Colonel MACKALL,

Assistatn Adjutant- General, Bowling Green, Ky.

SIR: It being difficult for me to take proper care of prisoners here I avail myself of the steamboat to arrive at Gainsborough on the 18th instant to send thirty- three prisoners of war under the care of Theodore Cortes, provost- marshal, directly to Nashville to be disposed of as General Johnston may order. They are as follows, to wit: Major Helveti, major in the First Cavalry Kentucky Volunteers; Captain F. E.