War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0751 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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[To General Winder] for suggestion as to the prisoners we cn offer in exchnge for these naval gnetlemen.

J. P. B.

RICHMOND, December 10, 1861.

General S. G. RENCH, Evansport, Va.:

Send your prisoner to this place to report to General Winder.


Adjutant and Inspector General.

EICHMOND, VA., December 10, 1861.

Major J. L. CALHOUN,

Assistant Quaartemaster, Montgomery, Ala.

SIR: Captain Griswold, assistant quartermaster, who has been placed in charge of the prisondepot at Tuscaloosa has made a report to Brigadier-General Winder which has been submitted to this office. From it it appears that the paper mill which was rented by the agent appointed by you as a suitable place for the ustody and acommodation of the prisoners of war sent to Tuscaloosa is in every repect unsuitable for that purpose. It is represnted that these building is utterly untenable; that there is no flooring in the first story and in a large room in the rear no sills upon which flooring can be laid; that the grounds are low and damp, the walls moldy; that there are nowindows and that there are large aperatures in the brick- work. It is also represnted that there is no water conveniently near; that there are no chimneys and no appointments for heating the building or cooking the food of the prisoners In short, it appears that with reference to the number of prisoenrs to be accommodated the necessary arrangments for their custody and reasonable comfort, and the defgree of expenditure necessary and essential to render this building even approximately suitable for the purpose for which it was designed the condut of the agent has been such as to merit the severest anumadversion. THe contract which he has made therfore is not approved, and the Deaprtment disclaim s any reponsibility on the part of the Government arising out of it. Your agent therfore will take measures to have the contract which he has made abrogated, or if that cannot be done he must meet the responsibility it entails person ally. The Government will not recognize or be bound by it.



RICHMOND, VA., December 10, 1861.


Assistant Quartemaster, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

SIR: Your report of the 4th instant to Brigadier-General WInder in regard to your action at Tuscaloosa in procuring a proper depot for the prisoners of war who have been assigned to that place has been submitted to me and I desire to express my full approval of the course you have pursued. You will engage the Lunatic Asylum at a fair rent for a prison depot if it can be obtained, and you will complete the contract