War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0664 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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ing of our operations on the way up and to report by telegraph his arrival at the White House and Dispatch Station, and to await at the latter place further orders from these headquarters. Please answer as soon as possible.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

McCLELLAN'S, June 8, 1862.

General J. A. DIX:

The commanding-general desires that you will send to Fort Delaware the prisoners of war referred to in your dispatch of yesterday.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

CORINTH, MISS., June 8, 1862.

Major-General McCLELLAND, Bethel:

The names of all prisoners and deseters released on giving their parole, with their description as to companies and regiments, must be taken and the list reported to these headquarters. Take all necessary measures to put a stop so far as possible to guerrilla parties and the burning of cotton north of the Memphis road. Hang every man you find engaged in such occupation.




Little Rock, Ark., June 8, 1862.

Brigadier-General CURTIS,

Commanding U. S. Forces in Arkansas.

GENERAL: I have received information that you have in prison at Batesville certain citizens of Izard County, Ark., captured a few days since by a detachment of your cavalry, who are charged with firing upon your men while attempting to arrest them, and whom it is your intention to hang as outlaws. Withut stopping to inquire whether they did actually fire upon your soldiers or not I assert it to be the duty as well as the right of every citizen of this State to fire upon the soldiers of thd United States Government so long as that Government persists in the invasion of their homes and they have the arms to defend those homes with, and in the performance of hat duty I shall sustain them at every hazard.

I have in custody several officers and soldiers of the Army of your Government, and I write this to warn you that if your threat is carried into execution against one single citizen of Arkansas who now is or hereafter may fall into your hands I shall avenge his death by hanging every Fedela officer and soldier whom I now hold as prisoners of war, and from that time forward this becomes a war of extermination between us, neitherasking nor grantig quarter. I shall put to death without mercy every soldier and citizen of the United States who falls into my hands.

I am further informed that in a published order you have already declared this to be a war of extermination and that you expect to wage it as such. I request, sir, that you specifically advise me as to the