War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0640 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Roll of prisoners of war at Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, Mass.

Colonel A. H. Abernathy, Fifty-third Tennessee.

Lieutenant Colonel C. B. Alexander, Second Missouri.

Brigadier General S. B. Buckner, C. S. Army.

Asst. Adjt. General W. Baird, C. S. Army.

Colonel James E. Bailey, Forty-ninth Tennessee.

Colonel A. J. Brown, Fifty-fifth Tennessee.

Lieutenant Colonel F. M. Boone, Twenty-sixth Mississippi.

Lieutenant Colonel W. E. Baldwin, Fourteenth Mississippi.

Major W. N. Brown, Twentieth Mississippi.

Colonel R. F. Baldwin, Thirty-first Virginia Militia.

Colonel J. C. Brown, Third Tennessee.

Major G. B. Cosby, General Buckner's staff.

Captain S. F. Chipley, General Buckner's staff.

Lieutenant Colonel M. B. Carater, Twentieth Tennessee.

Adjt. W. P. Curlee, Twenty-sixth Mississippi.

Lieutenant Colonel A. G. Carden, Eighteenth Tennessee.

Major E. A. Clark, Fifty-first Tennessee.

Colonel E. C. Cook, Thirty-second Tennessee.

Major N. F. Cheairs, Third Tennessee.

Quartermaster R. P. Crockett, Eighteenth Tennessee.

Colonel C. Dorsey, Missouri.

Major H. B. Davidson, assistant adjutant-general.

Major S. W. Davis, Eighteenth Tennessee.

Colonel T. J. Davidson, Third [Twenty-third] Mississippi. (Died April 29, 1862.)

Major W. L. Doss, Fourteenth Mississippi.

Colonel J. Drake, Fourth Mississippi.

Quartermaster, W. T. Estep, Second Kentucky.

Adjt. W. W. Foote, Artillery.

Colonel R. Farquharson, Forty-first Tennessee.

J. N. Galleher, secretary to General Buckner.

Major J. S. Garvin, Third Alabama.

Brigadier General E. W. Gantt, C. S. Army.

Lieutenant Colonel G. Gantt, Ninth Tennessee Battalion [Cavalry].

Colonel J. M. Gee, Fifteenth Arkansas.

Colonel J. Gregg, First Tennessee. (John Gregg, colonel Seventh Texas Infantry.)

Major H. B. Granbury, Seventh Texas.

Major J. F. Gray, Forty-eighth Tennessee.

Major W. Grace, Tenth Tennessee.

Major S. K, Hays, General Buckner's staff.

Quartermaster J. L. Herron, Third Tennessee.

Colonel A. A. Hughes, Twenty-seventh Alabama.

Colonel R. W. Hanson, Second Kentucky.

Lieutenant Colonel A. S. Hamilton, First Mississippi.

Colonel A. Heiman, Tenth Tennessee.

Adjt. B. W. Johnson, Fifteenth Arkansas.

Adjt. C. Jones, Thirty-second Tennessee.

Lieutenant Colonel J. Jackson, Twenty-seventh Alabama.

Major T. H. Johnston, First Mississippi.

Major P. L. Lee, Fifteenth Arkansas.

Lieutenant Colonel H. B. Lyon, Eighth Kentucky.

Major D. A. Lynn, Forty-ninth Tennessee.