War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0591 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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Detroit, Mich., May 24, 1862.

Major W. S. PIERSON,

Commanding Depot of Prisoners of War, Sandusky, Ohio.

MAJOR: You may have the fourth building for prisoners inclosed at the point I designated, between the two which are now being put up at the far end of the two lines parallel to them and pointing toward the rear. See that the work is well done according to contract. It will be necessary that Captain Read should see these buildings well in progress if not completed before he avails himself of his leave of absence if it should be granted. He must make all arrangements for their being occupied immediately on their completion, but such articles of furniture as might be removed will not be put in unless prisoners arrive to occupy them.

If it is not the practice of the guard to fire at a target every morning on being relieved it must be commenced immediately under the superintendence of the old officerof the day, who will give the names of those who make the best shots. Each man of the guard will fire once shot with his revolver besides the discharge of his musket. Have a target three feet by six, with a vertical and horizontal line, and let them fire fifty yards with muskets and fifteen with revolvers. It is very important that your command should be well drilled and you must order two drills a day, one in the morning of one hour for squads and a company drill in the afternoon. The old guards will not drill in the morning, but all not on duty or sick will drill at the company drill. An officer must be detailed on daily duty to take charge of the work sheds in the prison yard to see there is no communication between the workmen and the sentinels and prisoners. He will remain on this duty till the work is complete.

You will cause two more companies to be mustered into service immediately. Arms and clothing will be furnished for it from Columbus without delay and you will put it in a state for service as promptly as possible. Let it drill three times a daymust remain on the recruiting service and can be mustered in with the balance of the company. The order for drill applies to the company from Camp Chase as well as to your own companies and must be rigidly enforced.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant Colonel Eighth Infantry, Commissary-General of Prisoners.


Detroit, Mich., May 24, 1862.

Captain G. S. WORMER, Commanding Fort Mackinac, Mich.

CAPTAIN: In reply to your letter of the 15th instant asking for instructions in relation to the prisoners of war in your charge I have to say that you may permit [them] to walk about the island as often during the week as the post surgeon may think necessary for their health, not oftener than every other day, provided they pledge themselves to hold no communication with any person whatever verbally or