War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0583 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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Lieutenant ROPS being sworn says:

Question. What is your name?

Answer. Wolf A. Rops.

Question. What is your position in this regiment?

Answer. First lieutenant in Company F.

Question. Were you officer of the guard between the hours of 6 and 8 a. m. last Friday, the 16th instant?

Answer. I was.

Question. Do you know of a prisoner having been shot between those hours that morning?

Answer. I heard the report of a gun about that time and hastening in the direction of the report found a prisoner lying dead.

Question. Did you witness the transaction any further than you have stated?

Answer. I saw nothing further except to see them carry off the body.

Question. How soon were you on the spot after hearing the report?

Answer. Two or three minutes.

Question. What instructions had you given the sentinels that day in regard to being abused by prisoners?

Answer. I gave no instructions in regard to that matter. I gave such general instructions as I received from the officer of the day.

Question. Do you know what instructions have been given at any time to the guard by either the commandant of the post, the officer of the day or the officers of the guard with respect to the treatment of prisoners who might use insulting language to the sentinels?

Answer. I have heard from different officers of the day and officers of the guard instructions prohibiting insults being received from the prisoners.

Question. Have you heard sentinels complain of being insulted near where this prisoner was shot?

Answer. I have heard complaints, bitter compalaints, from nearly every relief every time I have served as officer of the guard and more especially on the day previous to the day when the prisoner was shot. The sentinels have complained of very abusive language being used by the prisoners toward them (the sentinels) and also of water, chunks of bread and sticks of wood having been thrown by the prisoners at the sentinels.

JOEL H. TRACY being sworn says:

Question. What is your name?

Answer. Joel H. Tracy.

Question. What position do you hold in this regiment?

Answer. I am a private in Company D, and colonel's secretary.

Question. Who keeps the records of the prisoners in this camp?

Answer. I do.

Question. Have you the record here in court?

Answer. I have.

Question. Do you find the name of G. W. Spears in your record?

Answer. I do.

Question. Have you made any note or memorandum in your records opposite his name?