War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0579 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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Regiment, a prisoner of war, by Clarence Wicks, Company E, Nineteenth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers, a sentinel on duty at Camp Randall. Detail for the court: Major A. E. Bovay, Nineteenth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers; Captain J. A. Chandler, Nineteenth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers; Captain William W. Bates, Nineteenth Wisconsin Volunteers. Second Lieutenant A. P. Ellinwood will act as recorder of the court.

By order of Colonel H. T. Sanders:



In obedience to the foregoing order the court met at the tent of Captain William W. Bates in said camp at 2 p. m. on the 16th day of may, 1862, all of the members and the recorder being present, and was duly organized by the proper administration of oaths.


Dr. MARKHAM being sworn says:

By Major BOVAY:

Question. What is your position in this regiment?

Answer. I am assistant surgeon.

Question. Do you know of a prisoner having been shot in this camp on the morning of the 16th instant?

Answer. I saw a corpse in the southern part of the camp ground yesterday morning lying on its face and left side, a bullet hole being visible somewhere in the region of the right shoulder blade. Did not examine the body and do not know where the ball entered the body.

Witness excused to examine the body. Recalled.

Question. Have you now examined the body?

Answer. I have.

Question. Describe the wound?

Answer. The ball entered the body in the lower cardiac region, passing through the heart and lungs.

Question. Would such a wound produce instant death?

Answer. It would.

CLARENCE WICKS being sworn says:

Question. What is your name?

Answer. Clarence Wicks.

Question. How old are you?

Answer. About seventeen years.

Question. Are you a soldier in this regiment?

Answer. I am; a private in Company E.

Question. Were you on duty as sentinel in this camp yesterday morning?

Answer. I was.

Question. What was the number of your post?

Answer. Number 30.

Question. Do you know of a prisoner having been shot in camp yesterday morning?

Answer. Yes, sir.