War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0533 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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WARREN, OHIO, May 13, 1862.

Honorable E. M. STANTON, Secretary of War.

SIR: At the battle of Cross Lanes in Virginia August 26, 1861, the Seventh Ohio Volunteers lost about 150 men prisoners who have never been exchanged. O lost two men from my company (H). A letter was received here last evening from Corporal Palmer (one of these men) who states that they are destitute of clothing and money; that they have not received clothing or anything or anything else since their imprisonment, and to buy a stamp to send his letter he had to sell his loaf of bread. He says that are 100 prisoners belonging to one regiment there (Salisbury, N. C.), all I presume in the same condition. Major Gibbs has charge of them and they all respect him.

Can't something be done for these men? Can't they be exchanged? If not can't cause clothing to be sent there? It would seem as if something should be done for their relief. I therefore respectfully ask in their behalf that efforts be made for an exchange, or if it cannot be effected that clothing and some money be sent them.

The reason of my writing you from here is that I am at home nursing a severe wound received at the battle of Winchester, Va. With your permission I would beg to call your attention to my own case. I was severely wounded in left thigh, the ball hitting me on the inside, striking the bone and passing over it and around to the under side and passed out. In its course it bruished or cut off the extension muscles of the leg. This injures the used of the leg so that walking is difficult and painful. Indeed I can walk but a short distance at a time. It is likely to be months before I canmarch and perform duty on the field. I would therefore ask if you cannot assign me to some light post duty until such time as I can be fit for the duty required od me in the field. I would beg leave to suggest that I could take charge of the prisoners at Columbus, Ohio, and do that duty as well as Colonel Moody, and he could be relieved aield. I would prefer to performsuch duty, as Iwould then have employment for the mind and at the same time be rendering the Government service. I would beg to refer to Governor Tod of Ohio, Secretary Chase of the Treasury Department, Senator Wade, Representatives Hutchins, Riddle and Bingham, of Washington City, for qualifications. I had the honor to head the Third Brigade at the famous charge on the stone wall at Winchester, in command of the First Division, and maintained the fight about half an hour with mydivision alone, when the rest of the brigade fell into confusion. I also have had the honor of offering a company to the Governor of Ohio April 16, 1861, the first from Northern Ohio, and have been in the service ever since. I am senior captain of the regiment. Please excuse this long letter.

I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant,


Company H, Seventh Regiment Ohio Volunteers.

[Indorsement Numbers 1.]

WAR DEPARTMENT, May 20, 1862.

Referred to the Quartermaster-General for report.

Has anything been done to supply these prisoners with clothing or money?

By order of Secretary of War:


Brigadier-General and Assistant Adjutant-General.