War of the Rebellion: Serial 116 Page 0519 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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the policing for health and comfort, the construction of new sinks when necessary and the daily throwing in of lime and mold to prevent bad odors will be entirely under the supervision of the sergeants of prisoners.

8. Vessels for the washing of clothing and ropes for clotheslines will be furnished, and no bed or other clothing will be out on roof tops or on fences.

9. Prisoners will carefully avoid interrupting sentinels in the discharge of their duty, and especially will not curse them, use abusive language or climb onto fences or treats, as the sentinels are ordered to fire if such offense occurs after three positive and distinct orders to desist, even in daytime. At night only one warning will be given to any one climbing on the fence tops.

10. A prisones' fund will be created by the deduction as heretofore of small amounts from the reations of beef, bread, beans, &c., a schedule of which will be placed at the commissary department. Thus fund will be used for the purchase of tobacco, stationery, stamps and such other articles as the chiefs of divisions may report, and which should be drawn on requisitions handed in by first sergeants between 9 and 10 a. m. each day.

11. Every endeavor will be made by the commandant to give each and every prisoners as much liberty and comfort as is consistent with orders received and with an equal distribution of the means at disposal, provided such indulgence never leads to any abuse of the privileges.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, May 5, 1862.

Honorable GIDEON WELLES, Secretary of the Navy.

SIR: As it is understood that when Mr. Tunstall was delifvered to the U. S. ship Ino certain property was taken from him by the commander of that vessel, I will thank you to instruct that officer to restore the same to Mr. Tunstall, it being believed that there was not sufficient ground for the proceeding.

I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant,


DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, May 5, JUSTIN DIMICK, Fort Warren, Boston.

COLONEL: Your are authorized to release Thomas T. Tunstall, a plitical prisoner, arrested at Tangier in Morocco, subsequently brought to this country and committed to Fort Warren. The condition of his release is that he takes the oath of allegiance to the United States.

I am, your very obedience servant,


P. S. - The Navy Department has been requested to direct the officer who took Mr. Tunstall's property to return the same.

HEADQUARTERS, May 5, 1862.

Major FLINT, Louisville:

Major-General Buell directs that all rebel prisoners in Kentucky be sent to camp Chase; those who are wounded must besent as soon as they can be moved. Confer with the provost-marshal and see to the